More Essential Buzz Words (of a Different Type)

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Further to our posts on the Buzz Words Building China, and the Mark Kitto affair, we refer you to the Diligence China (April 1 issue) which has defined some new “must-have” terms in China business.

Our favorite two (with a little, sensitive editing) are as follows:

    Kitto-ed: Verb. Derived from Mark Kitto — well known Shanghai publisher, Sinofile, and unfortunate b******d who single-handedly started Shanghai’s most popular and well respected ex-pat lifestyle magazine, only to be unceremoniously s*****d over by his partners and government officials. Sample usage, “Ooh, have you met Goodwin’s new local JV partner? Dodgy b****r, that one is. Afraid Ol’ Goody’s headin’ straight for a right Kittoing, he is.”

    Chundits: China Pundits. A growth industry. Often quoted in Business Week and Time magazine. The basic rule of thumb in China is that if you read it in the glossy news weeklies, it is either out of date or was never really true. You will learn infinitely more wandering down HuaHai Lu for 15 minutes than from 10 pounds of magazines. Invest in a trip if you want to know about China.”
    No Chundits here, obviously

    See source:

    Diligence China

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  1. Jeremy Gordon Says:

    See more on the Kitto story here:

  2. Archive » Don’t Quote Me (On Guanxi)| China Business Blog Says:

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