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Don’t Quote Me (On Being a China Expert)

Friday, November 27th, 2009

A nice quote from Jon Hunstman, the US Ambassador in China via China Hearsay and CBS: “Don’t mistake me for being an expert, because I’ve been here for three months…I’ve come to the conclusion that ‘China expert’ is kind of an oxymoron. And those who consider themselves to be China experts are kind of morons. […]

Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From Obamao, Experts & Oxymorons To Emerged Economies, Consumer Wealth & A Blushing Barbie)

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Last week’s top tweets from our ChinaBlogTweets Twitter feed are below, along with some comments. 1. Oxymoronic expertise RT @casperodj: in case you hadn’t seen it yet – The Myth of the China Expert (China Hearsay): 12:48 PM Nov 21st Comment: China is too big a place, and is moving too fast, for anyone […]

China Blog List (Of Lists)

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

There has been a fair bit of interest of late in China blogs, including one we posted on Twitter the other day, and another on the blog. A good time perhaps to make a list of lists… 50 Best Blogs to Learn All About China The 60 best blogs on china in english 100 Essential […]

Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From Mistress, Stimulus & Other Problems, To Environmental Trillions, Power Players & Promises To Africa).

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Here is our pick of the China business news from last week, via our Twitter feed, ChinaBlogTweets. 1. Corruption in context RT @aimeenbarnes: “No Bars, No Mistresses, Chinese Officials Warned” AP 5:46 PM Nov 14th from Echofon 2. RMB remains RT @TweetChina: China Rejects View PBOC Shifted on Yuan, Morgan Stanley Says 7:50 […]

The Economy. Home & Away.

Monday, November 9th, 2009

As international expectations for China as an economic saviour continue, we continue to watch what is going on with the economy (in fact the many and varied regional, rural and urban economies…) in China. As the news below points out, the China bulls are running again, with GDP growth now estimated to exceed 10% in […]

China Blogs: That’s The way, Uh-Huh Uh-Huh…China Law Blog Likes It…

Monday, November 9th, 2009

We already mentioned it on Twitter, but (blogging being what it is) we thought this post from Dan Harris at the China Law Blog (CLB) warranted a mention (and a slightly re-worked headline) here… China Blogs: That’s The way, Uh-Huh Uh-Huh, We Like It… Part III. China Law Blog The post is part of […]

Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From Smog, a Smattering of iPhone Sales, Electric Wealth & Broken Rules, to China in Africa & FDI in R&D)

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Another week, another top ten China news tweets…Please see our latest selection from the twittershpere (and our own ChinaBlogTweets) below. 1. Read on RT @darnoc: Lots of info to peruse: Forum on China Africa Cooperation website – #FOCAC – meeting in Sharm… 1:40 PM Nov 7th 2. RT @SirSteven: reading: Huge smog bank covers […]

Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From Bridge Building, Bai Jiu & Beautiful Pollution, To Stimulated GDP & Retail & Autos & Consumption & Carbon Emissions…)

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

The news moves fast in China, but you can keep up with some of the key business issues here. For our latest, edited highlights from our Twitter feed, ChinaBlogTweets, see below: 1. A different sort of export RT @chinanetwork. Chinese Construction Co Starts NY Bridge Renovation Project … 2. Not pretty RT @ChinaRealTime: RT […]