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Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From Expo, Trials, & Frugal Innovation, To Employment Contracts, Investment & Procurement Policies)

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

A quick catch-up of last week’s most noteworthy news from on our ChinaBlogTweets Twitter feed. Of course, the Shanghai Expo is starting to get a lot of exposure – even before the official, May 1, opening (and the holiday that goes with it). Initial reactions have been mixed, and there is clearly a lot of […]

Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From Bribery, Fakes & Scams, To New Rules, Megatrends & Entertaining IPR)

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Last week’s news review, from our China Blog Tweets Twitter feed, is ready to go, below. We kick off with more insight into the Rio bribery case (but are storing up some more bribery stories including both local and foreign firms – this is one trend that is not your friend). Corporate Social Responsibility, also […]

Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From Economic Myths, & Trade Deficits, To Angry Consumers & Fake Peas)

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

The pick of last week’s news, from ChinaBlogTweets follows below. You will note continued focus on China’s trade position and the thorny issue of the RMB’s valuation. Other trends that are becoming like old friends include dangerous fakes (due diligence and testing are important), bribery (in Hong Kong this time), and active consumers (as well […]

Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From RMB Manipulation, Protectionism & Princelings, To ODI, FCPA & Autos)

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Our picks from last weeks China business news (as reported on our ChinaBlogTweets Twitter feed), along with some comments, are below for your reference. Along with the news (finally) of Geely’s successful purchase of Volvo, it is worth noting that the US review of China as a currency manipulator has been postponed from April 15, […]