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Further to the recent post on organisations that connect companies with Chinese graduate interns, I was contacted by Nottingham University, which also offers a programme. Details can be found below.

For those that may not be aware, Nottingham (in the UK) also has an innovative China campus (in Ningbo), as well as a large number of UK-based Chinese students. Who says the UK can’t successfully export to China?!

    University of Nottingham: International Student Placement Programme

    The University has recently launched a professionally supported full and part-time International Student Placement Programme, open to companies from across the country.

    The Programme gives you access to a large group of highly motivated and educated students keen to make a real difference to your organisation. With the additional benefits of regular onsite support and structured training from experienced placement professionals we aim to help both host company and student gain maximum benefit from their participation in the programme.

    Whether the placement is to deliver business focused projects or for low risk future employee assessment and training we believe we can help. Here are some key points:

    Students involved
    • Presently studying in the UK, many with 3-4 years of UK experience
    • Full range of degree subjects covered
    • Good English language ability
    • Pre-trained in UK business practice and key project management skills

    Placement types
    • Projects ranging from marketing through to product development and supplier sourcing and negotiations
    • Placements have been used as an assessment or training for future employment
    • Ideally 6-12 weeks full-time (or part-time if feasible)

    • You will need to pay the student’s training allowance of £190/week. This increases by 20% for London and the South East.
    • If payments are processed through the programme then there are no NI or PAYE Tax payments for host or student as the student is considered to be a participant within the University’s employability training programme.

    To find out more about the programme and how your company can take part please contact Paul Wilde, Programme Manager, on +44 (0)1159 314 363 / +44 (0)7960 018 148 or email

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