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Reporting on Bribery

By its very nature bribery is difficult to identify and analyze (except when people get caught! [1]), but the good folk at Trace International are trying to uncover the inner workings through their BRIBEline www.bribeline.org initiative (which they have asked us to help promote).

According to a report on the research in the South China Morning Post:

We have noted before that bribery and corruption are global, just like business, and that China is not unique in having a problem (or in making it illegal). China was placed at 71 out of 141 countries in the corruption rankings [3]put out by Transparency International in 2005.

The recommendation remains to avoid getting caught up in murky deals which, at best, provide a short-term benefit (coupled with a long-term hangover) and which, at worst, can end in legal proceedings and painful penalties (whether in China, the US or elsewhere [4]).

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