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A Ferrari (™) Horse is Just a Horse.

While ancient Chinese philosophy holds that “a white horse is not a horse [1]” a modern Chinese court has just held that Ferrari’s famous horse logo is…just a horse. The case is outlined on China Business Law Blog [2](h/t China Law Blog [3]). China Business Law Blog reports the main reasons for Ferrari’s failure to get the registration:

While the courts have already decided on the IP rights of horses, those of giant search engines are now under scrutiny. Danwei [4] has reported on another Beijing case, involving Google, and its Chinese name “Guge [5]”:

Google, which has also had domain name problems [6], may win out in this case, but it is a reminder to big brands of the need for IP readiness at all times.

On the Ferrari case, China Law blog concludes: “Dude, register your IP in China.” And do it “before you go there”.

I couldn’t agree more.