Another Month. Another Surplus

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China’s trade surplus for November is reported to Bloomberg (quoting Xinhua) to have been US$23.4 billion, slightly lower than October’s US$23.8 billion – but not enough to mean that anything is changing. The surplus for the year to date is a whopping US$157 billion, up from US$102 billion for 2005.

    “Exports rose 27.5 percent in the first 11 months from the same period last year, and imports climbed 20.5 percent, Xinhua reported. It also said the customs bureau forecasts exports will rise 27 percent in 2006 and imports will gain 20 percent.”

So, more surplus / deficit pain to come – and surely a nice ice-breaker for Secretary Paulson on his visit next week

Additional economic estimates for 2007 are reported here.

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