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Beijing Plays The Blame Game With Mattel

Beijing has come out fighting with regard to the massive recall [1]of Mattel toys. The South China Morning Post reports on claims that the recall “was largely a result of its own faulty designs and not mainland production”.

Those who have been attacking China for low-quality and dangerous product exports will be usefully reminded that over 60 percent of China’s exports are by foreign companies operating there and that, while there have been cases of straight-forward criminality and supplier fraud (something not unique to China), both local and foreign companies work together on a range of design and production issues.

It is too simplistic to blame “made in China” for any and all problems that come from China-made products – and it does not help solve the problem. The Chinese government is taking steps to improve regulations and enforcement locally, but buyers and manufacturers also need to ensure that their design, sourcing, due diligence [2], and testing processes [3]are robust, and subject to regular review.