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Better Statistics. Don’t Count On It.

We have often written about the (over) abundance of (questionable and re-stated) data in China [1], and this continues to be an issue. One that seems to be causing the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) some stress.

First the powerful National Development & Reform Commission seeks to take away the responsibility for GDP calculations. Then the China Daily has a go at them for releasing some questionable and confusing data on house prices.

• Statistics…: Data accuracy RT @China_Daily: China mulls unified GDP calculation: NDRC http://tinyurl.com/yc2mmb7 [2]8:32 AM Feb 28th

• NBS-bashing- China Daily is on a mission this week! RT @China_Daily: Confusing statistics http://tinyurl.com/ya4xdqn [3]7:16 AM Feb 27th

We will have to wait and see what impact all this has on NBS and on economic data. But, hopefully, it will get better…just don’t count on it (and continue to monitor, seek out multiple sources, and get informed analysis of what it all means in context).