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Blackberry Sees Red(Berry): More Messy IPR

IPR news is never far off – especially for “CrackBerry” addicts, who can’t escape any sort of news. The latest IPR news relates to BlackBerry itself, and comes in the form of a rival service. Yes, you guessed it…RedBerry!

The BlackBerry owner Research In Motion (which only just settled its own, rather large, IPR dispute) registered several trademarks in China at around the time it originally launched its service in the US. Its first trademark application in China was reported to have been in 1999.

In the meantime, RIM, like many others has been planning market entry. They say they now expect a deal with China Mobile in May, to serve existing local BlackBerry users. The devices will go on sale later in the year.
But China is a fast-moving market, and a competing (“RedBerry”) service has been launched on China Unicom’s network. Clever marketing, perhaps but the people at RIM are unlikely to subscribe!

The sting in the tail, according to Tami Devitis, of law firm McDermott Will & Emery, is that RedBerry does not seem to have registered its own name as a trademark yet…I wonder who will get there first? Any takers?

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