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It is well known that there are a lot of internet users in China: 110 million at the last count, and growing daily. But what about blogs (an issue close to my heart)?

The Chinese search engine Baidu recently reported that there were 36.82 million blogs (written by some 16 million people) in China. If current estimates by Qinghua University (reported by Xinhua) of 60 million bloggers by the end of this year, and 100 million by the end of 2007, are anything to go by, then the Chinese net nanny may have a lot of extra housekeeping (or worse?) to do.

ChinaHerald has commented that, while originally skeptical of the huge number of Chinese blogs, they may have some merit. Part of the problem was noted to be the different types of services that may, or may not, be classified as blogs. The example put forward was that of QQ from Q-Zone, whose users may be hidden from the rest of the weblog world because of the way the service is structured.

The (they claim) market leader in China, Bokee claims to add 100,000 blogs a day (!) on its service. And these blogs are not idle. The Internet Society of China reported (via Xinhua) that: “9 percent of bloggers write every day, 29 percent write once to three times a week, while 35 percent write four to six times a week”.

There has also been a lot of talk about how the big blog search engines, such as Technorati, have missed a lot these Chinese blogs. This now seems to have been put right, at least in part (China Herald reports that “celebrity blogger Xu Jinglei [has been added] to its top-100″. See the site here). However a lot of blog activity in China still seems to be flying under international radar.

China’s army of bloggers, however defined, is obviously an active, growing – and potentially powerful – community. It will be interesting to see how the sector develops under the current policy of media control, and how consumers and businesses adapt to the opportunities presented.

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