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Books on China are everywhere – and some of them make good reading. Ones that have recently appeared on my shelf, and that deserve recommendation, include:

  • China CEO” (Juan Antonio Fernandez and Laurie Underwood of the China-Europe International Business School in Shanghai). Interviews with big company CEOs about business issues.
  • China Shakes the World. The Rise of a Hungry Nation“. (James Kynge, formerly of the FT). Cracking stories and great insights into what is driving China’s rise.
  • Billions. Selling to the New Chinese Consumer”. (Tom Doctoroff of JWT). Lots of useful information and tips on marketing.
  • One Billion Customers” (James McGregor, formerly of Ogilvy Public Relations). Lots of engaging stories and business tips.
  • The China Business Handbook 2006” (Alain Charles Publishing). 9th edition of the very useful business and travel guide.
  • The China-Britain Business Council has reviewed some of these, and many others. To see their reviews, follow the link.

    Other good China business books are noted in an earlier post, see here. See my favorite China business books here

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