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Books on China are everywhere – and some of them make good reading. Ones that have recently appeared on my shelf, and that deserve recommendation, include:

  • China CEO [1]” (Juan Antonio Fernandez and Laurie Underwood of the China-Europe International Business School in Shanghai). Interviews with big company CEOs about business issues.
  • China Shakes the World. The Rise of a Hungry Nation [2]“. (James Kynge, formerly of the FT). Cracking stories and great insights into what is driving China’s rise.
  • Billions. Selling to the New Chinese Consumer [3]”. (Tom Doctoroff of JWT). Lots of useful information and tips on marketing.
  • One Billion Customers [4]” (James McGregor, formerly of Ogilvy Public Relations). Lots of engaging stories and business tips.
  • The China Business Handbook 2006 [5]” (Alain Charles Publishing). 9th edition of the very useful business and travel guide.
  • The China-Britain Business Council has reviewed some of these, and many others. To see their reviews, follow the link [6].

    Other good China business books are noted in an earlier post, see here [7]. See my favorite China business books here [8]