Brands for China’s Wealthy Consumers

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While McKinsey are talking about China’s Urban Billion, others have (rather optimistically) written about a billion Chinese customers. There is no doubt that China does have a growing (and changing) consumer market, but it is challenging to understand and even harder to access. Luckily, plenty of research is being done.

China Law Blog points to Mastercard’s “Brand Preference of the Chinese Affluent” as an interesting source of information about China’s wealthy consumers and their brand preferences (something also covered here, here and here).

There are some interesting results, and some interesting list-topping names that not everyone outside China will be familiar with, including Haier (the mainland appliance maker), Chow Tai Fook (the Hong Kong jewelry company) and Air China (well, it is the national carrier…). Anyone who is selling into the market, or who suspects they may have some inbound competition in the future, should take a look. Especially if these names are new to them…

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