Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From ODI, CSR & M&A, To GDP, RMB & NDA)

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This week’s news update, from our ChinaBlogTweets Twitter feed, continues with some familiar themes…

…But we are experimenting with a different format – in order to expand on the issues, and improve the key-word searchability of the blog, we are using this post as a summary of our top 10 news items, and will include separate posts on selected issues, along with additional links and our own comments. Let us know how you like it.

1. ODI US$60bn in 2010? RT @China_Daily: Overseas direct investment may soar 7:32 AM Feb 27th
(See our post here)

2. Statistics…: Data accuracy RT @China_Daily: China mulls unified GDP calculation: NDRC 8:32 AM Feb 28th
(See our post here)

3. CSR: Another bad Apple? RT @niubi: How Sincere is Wal-Mart’s Demand that Chinese Suppliers Meet Labor & Enviro Standards? 8:13 AM Feb 28th
(See our post here)

4. Employment: Countryside competition RT @fonstuinstra: China: Labor shortages driving up wages – 10:08 AM Feb 27th
(See our post here)

5. GDP @UKTI_JGordon RT @NiuB: GDP of 31 provinces in China released: 7:07 AM Feb 26th

6. RMB: RMB testing. Too stressful? RT @NiuB: China stress tests yuan: 3:38 PM Feb 26th

7. Corporates: RT @TofflerAnn: RT @sxwang …Huawei ranked 5th in…Most Innovative Companies after Facebook, Amazon, Apple & Google!! 3:34 PM Feb 26th

8. Legal: Jurisdiction… RT @raykwong: Another awesome post by @DanHarris: “Why…NDAs Alone Are Not Enough For China, Pt II.” 6:08 PM Feb 24th

9. Retail Marketing: RT @beijingboyce: RT @wolfgroupasia: Ten Principles on Luxury Marketing in China [& many lux goods bought as gifts] 7:39 AM Feb 23rd

10. Year of the Text! RT @China_Daily: 23 billion Spring Festival texts sent 6:52 AM Feb 23rd

Some more posts may follow, if time allows…

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