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Briefly….Top Ten Tweets (From Relationships, Gifts & Jeepzters, To Soft Protectionism, The Everywhere Party & Prison)

This week (somewhat delayed and contracted thanks to lots of travel and little time) we have a quick round-up of last week’s news from ChinaBlogTweets [1], our Twitter feed. Enjoy:.

1. RMB RT @niubi: China Daily-Yuan revaluation may remain on back burner http://bit.ly/bun9jw [2]renminbi not going anywhere anytime soon? $$

2. RT @fonstuinstra: China Speakers Bureau: Apple picked the wrong iPhone partner – Shaun Rein http://ht.ly/1O0g3 [3]

3. Practical advice from @danharris RT @NiuB: Treat Your China Suppliers Well…. http://bit.ly/aQR9Dj [4]

4. FDI fizz RT @ShanghaiTWTR: Pepsi to invest $2.5 bn in China – http://is.gd/cjQsa [5]

5. RT @TCBN: Attracting Chinese Investment « Forbes.com’s The China Tracker http://ow.ly/1M1Zu [6]by @janetcarmosky

6. Beijing Jeep(zter) RT @chinaeconreview: Chrysler tries to block Jeepzter http://dlvr.it/148hC [7]

7. RT @siliconhutong: Dealing with China’s “Soft Protectionism” http://post.ly/gSbT [8]

8. The (reasonable) RMB10k question RT @chinahearsay Offering Gifts…What if the Recipient is a State Functionary http://goo.gl/iS2P [9]

9. RT @KaiserKuo: Wow, 14 year sentence for Huang Guangyu RT @martaruco: RT @IndyWorld …prison term for…billionaire http://ind.pn/csxaQs [10]

10. Everywhere… RT @gadyepstein: The Chinese Communist Party Is Like God http://twurl.nl/8by3wt [11] …on Richard McGregor’s “The Party”