Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From Rio and Risks to Cultural Differences and a Corruption Crackdown).

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It’s been another busy week on the China business front. Below is our selection of top tweets from our Twitter feed. Additional comments will follow…

1. Rio & Risk: #rio RT @GE_Anderson: Good insight on the China – Rio Tinto conundrum. about 23 hours ago from TweetDeck

2. Online: The biggest online keeps getting bigger RT @rmack: China hits 338m Internet users 9:38 AM Jul 17th from TweetDeck

3. Quality: One to read for QC. Also see the link to The Economist review RT @danwei: Poorly Made in China by Paul Midler:.. 9:05 AM Jul 17th from TweetDeck

4. ODI. This will repeat with other names & places RT @China_Daily: Chinese sewing machine maker takes over German peers 8:50 AM Jul 17th from TweetDeck

5. The Economy: An expert look at the latest numbers RT @DanHarris: China’s economy clearly explained. 7:53 PM Jul 16th from TweetDeck

6. Cultural Differences: RT @dedlam: RT @kaiserkuo The Difference between Westerners and Chinese, in simple graphic representation: Very funny. 8:33 AM Jul 16th from TweetDeck

7. Investment: FDI US$43 bn in H1. Some good stats on FIEs here. RT @China_Daily: China’s FDI falls 17.9% in first half 1:20 PM Jul 15th from TweetDeck

8. Research: Data risk again RT @aimeenbarnes: Another must read: “The Problem with China’s Population Data” in FT DragonBeat 12:49 PM Jul 15th from TweetDeck

9. Sourcing: Factory audits help – China Risks Apple’s Reputation as Factories Flout Law 8:04 AM Jul 15th from TweetDeck

10. Corrpution: RT @caijingonline: China Fights Corruption in State-Owned Enterprises: Full article in Chinese: 8:30 AM Jul 14th from TweetDeck

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