Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From RMB, WTO & Google Angst, To Expo, Fast Food & T2 Opportunities)

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Last week’s business news has been sliced and diced from out ChinaBlogTweets Twitter feed, and our selection of the Top ten Tweets can be found below.

Some of these stories (RMB valuation,’s exit) are hot news – commercially and politically – and are still hot topics that need daily updating (which you can find on our feed). Some have sparked special interest, and are covered in a bit more detail in their own blog posts (see the links below).

1. RMB Arguments : RT @managingdragon: New Post: “I Rest My Case!” – Harsh words from PBoC V Gov on politicising exchange rate issue 4:23 PM Mar 14th (and the China Daily take: Don’t politicise yuan, China central bank tells Obama 10:46 AM Mar 12th)

2. Changing Corporate Structures: The China Representative Office (RO). Got WFOE? (China Law Blog @DanHarris – via flashy iPhone app. Very hip!) 11:13 AM Mar 13th (See our post here)

3. China & Entrepreneurs RT @raykwong: Reading “If You Want to See Entrepreneurs, Go to China.” (BW) 10:42 AM Mar 13th

4. Alibaba Magic: from Ailbaba RT @sinotechian RT @marketingchina Welcome the World’s Largest Online Wholesale Marketplace 10:27 AM Mar 13th

5.…: Thanks! RT @raykwong: What Google Will Do in China (SXSW Presentation) @kaiserkuo at #SXSW 11:03 AM Mar 13th (See our post here)

6. Haier goes further: To 70,000 villages (Tier #?) RT @China_Daily: Haier selling GE appliances in rural China 10:40 AM Mar 12th (See our post here)

7. KFC & McD RT @ChinaPrime: …US-based fast food giants are taking different approaches to the Chinese market… 7:43 PM Mar 11th (See our post here)

8. Consumer rights RT @MalcolmMoore: Chinese consumers file complaint vs HP, demanding recall of faulty laptops (FT) 8:08 AM Mar 10th

9. Stats RT @andrewbatson: China’s major economic indicators for Jan-Feb: NBS English statement here 8:07 AM Mar 11th

10. US Expo(sed) RT @ChinaRealTime: RT @goldkorn: How the U.S. Blew It at the Shanghai World Expo by @AdamMinter in FP 7:58 AM Mar 9th

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