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Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From RMB, WTO & Google Angst, To Expo, Fast Food & T2 Opportunities)

Last week’s business news has been sliced and diced from out ChinaBlogTweets [1] Twitter feed, and our selection of the Top ten Tweets can be found below.

Some of these stories (RMB valuation, Google.cn’s exit) are hot news – commercially and politically – and are still hot topics that need daily updating (which you can find on our feed). Some have sparked special interest, and are covered in a bit more detail in their own blog posts (see the links below).

1. RMB Arguments : RT @managingdragon: New Post: “I Rest My Case!” – Harsh words from PBoC V Gov on politicising exchange rate issue http://tinyurl.com/yjhmv9g [2]4:23 PM Mar 14th (and the China Daily take: Don’t politicise yuan, China central bank tells Obama http://tinyurl.com/yhm6dbd [3]10:46 AM Mar 12th)

2. Changing Corporate Structures: The China Representative Office (RO). Got WFOE? http://bit.ly/bQQeGG (China Law Blog @DanHarris – via flashy iPhone app. Very hip!) 11:13 AM Mar 13th (See our post here [4])

3. China & Entrepreneurs RT @raykwong: Reading “If You Want to See Entrepreneurs, Go to China.” (BW) http://twurl.nl/lfo611 [5] 10:42 AM Mar 13th

4. Alibaba Magic: 1688.com [6]from Ailbaba RT @sinotechian RT @marketingchina Welcome the World’s Largest Online Wholesale Marketplace http://tinyurl.com/yge3r42 [7]10:27 AM Mar 13th

5. Google.cn.R.I.P…: Thanks! RT @raykwong: What Google Will Do in China (SXSW Presentation) http://twurl.nl/mzx7jz [8] @kaiserkuo at #SXSW 11:03 AM Mar 13th (See our post here [9])

6. Haier goes further: To 70,000 villages (Tier #?) RT @China_Daily: Haier selling GE appliances in rural China http://tinyurl.com/yfyl238 [10]10:40 AM Mar 12th (See our post here [11])

7. KFC & McD RT @ChinaPrime: …US-based fast food giants are taking different approaches to the Chinese market…http://ow.ly/1gRbI [12] 7:43 PM Mar 11th (See our post here [11])

8. Consumer rights RT @MalcolmMoore: Chinese consumers file complaint vs HP, demanding recall of faulty laptops (FT) http://twurl.nl/785zrr [13]8:08 AM Mar 10th

9. Stats RT @andrewbatson: China’s major economic indicators for Jan-Feb: NBS English statement here http://bit.ly/aOYwkW [14]8:07 AM Mar 11th

10. US Expo(sed) RT @ChinaRealTime: RT @goldkorn: How the U.S. Blew It at the Shanghai World Expo by @AdamMinter in FP http://bit.ly/cgU6b8 [15]7:58 AM Mar 9th