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Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (What You May Have Missed, Holiday, Bumper Edition)

Following on from the combined Mid-Autumn Festival, and “Golden Week” National Day holidays in China (during which time we were without holiday – working flat out – here in London), our collected news highlights are below served up in two courses.

Week ending 10/10/10

1. IMF report RT @ChinaDailyUSA: China’s growth projected to be 10.5% in 2010, 9.6% in 2011 http://bit.ly/96LUwX [1]

2. Stats, projections & targets RT @chinahearsay: China’s foreign trade in 2010: A year of recovery http://is.gd/fLrHd [2]

3. Stable, gradual…the usual RT @WSJAsiaBiz: China to EU: Tone Down Yuan Criticism http://on.wsj.com/aEfH9j [3] (see also: RT @NiuB: Michael Pettis: What happens if the RMB is forced to revalue? http://bit.ly/bmSflh (China Financial Markets)

4. RT @gadyepstein: V informative read on princelings, china investment banking & “relationship hires” http://bit.ly/d0s5Hx [4] by J Garnaut, SMH

5. Guanxi is… RT @imagethief: Reading Silicon Hutong on Guanxi. Required reading, especially for guanxi fetishists: http://is.gd/fQTGT [5] (see also RT @chinasolved: ChineseNegotiation: Guanxi Truth OR Consequences. Are you being cheated – or just missing the dialog? http://ht.ly/2MZA2 [6])

6. Environment and corporate responsibility: RT @21cbhchinanews: Zijin Fined RMB 9.56 Million For Toxic Leaks http://dlvr.it/6kWKp [7]

7. IP: Biggest not always best… RT @CDT: China Poised to Lead World in Patent Filings: The New York Times blog reports…http://bit.ly/ao3PuS [8]

8. Consumers & localisation: RT @thomasmorffew: Three Rising Consumer Trends In China http://bit.ly/bFOWom [9] All about Local.

9. A rare find in Hubei RT @ChinaDailyUSA: Large rare earths deposit found in C China http://bit.ly/cMl1VO [10] (See more on rare earths in our updated post here [11]).

10. ODI & Resources: Block-ash RT @WSJChina: Sinochem Explores Options for Potash Bid http://on.wsj.com/cO6p4B [12] (see also: RT @TweetChina: Trade with Africa in 2010 to surpass US$100 bil.: China http://bit.ly/bl9LkI [13] China Post)

And, of course, Liu Xiaobo won the Nobel Peace Prize [14]

Week ending 3/10/10

1. Economic analysis: @gadyepstein Why China Bears Will Never Die http://bit.ly/ajekVC [15]My roundup of bears v. bulls, podcast w @KaiserKuo @niubi & Kroeber

2. Trade in the economy: RT @UKTI_JGordon: McKinsey on “A truer picture of China’s export machine” http://lnkd.in/xg5FUt [16]

3. RMB RT @21cbhchinanews: Chinese Yuan Hits New High against U.S. Dollar Wednesday http://dlvr.it/6CmjN [17] (see also: RMB again RT @BullishChina: China says U.S. yuan bill violates WTO – msnbc.com http://sns.ly/qnS51 [18])

4. Manufacturing: RT @westlawchina: Chinese manufacturing picked up steam in September http://reut.rs/ciiGEg [19] China Legal

5. Minimum wages, mapped RT @raykwong: Everything You Need to Know about Minimum Wages in China. http://twurl.nl/c1rr4e [20]

6. Philanthropy: @cnphilanthropy Grace Chiang China Philanthropy: The Gates-Buffett Giving Pledge Comes to China- Analysis from SVG on the Impact of Tonight’s Dinner http://is.gd/fzxQv [21] (See our post on “Philanthropic Philosophy, Face & That Dinner [22]” here).

7. Good news from GE: Moving on… RT @chinaeconreview: GE forms wind turbine JV with Harbin http://dlvr.it/63J7j [23] (see also: RT @raykwong: Boeing scores $1.1 billion deal with Air China. http://bit.ly/ce1tHo)

8. Apple: RT @christinelu: Apple shuts flagship Beijing store due to iPhone4 scalpers. Some buying 20+ units… 9to5mac.com/28823/apple-sh… (h/t @jennybai)

9. ODI – More than just resources: Appetite for ODI (Chinese Jaffa Cakes? Could be interesting!) RT @chinaeconreview: Bright Dairy may buy United Biscuits http://dlvr.it/5zz8R [24]

10. State secrets: Fallout… RT @chinaeconreview: SOE head jailed for leaking state secrets http://dlvr.it/66cMq [25]

As for news not covered here…We will include some coverage of the Gates-Buffet philanthropy dinner / debate in a separate post. Watch this space.

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Minimum Wages, Mapped

Image from China Tells [29].