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Here is our selection of Top Ten Tweets from the past couple of weeks. For the full feed, visit the site at ChinaBlogTweets:

    1. RT @FonsTuinstra: No doubling of the stimulus package soon – Arthur Kroeber

    Comment: Premier Wen has re-stated the 8% GDP target, and others in government have expressed confidence. There could be more fiscal spending, but there is a feeling that it may be announced later, rather than sooner. We will see.

    2. RT @DanHarris: New China Law Blog post: “China Food Safety: Executions Aren’t Working So Let’s Try New Standards” about 11 hours ago from TweetDeck

    Comment: This is the latest in a lot of legal changes, and comes after the contaminated milk scandal. This is a public safety issue – and a political hot potato. We say, take care when sourcing – and use due diligence, inspections, and product liability insurance.

    3. RT @samflemming: China premier Wen Jiao Bao held 2 hour online chat w/ netizens. Obama, the “social media prez… about 11 hours ago from TweetDeck

    Comment: China is already the biggest online community in the world (no big surprise, perhaps) but the government is taking a lead in modern communications. See our new post on this for more.

    4. RT @imagethief: Good article on problems of Chinese biz, esp. as revealed by economic slowdown…: H/T Silkroad Int’labout 24 hours ago from TweetDeck

    Comment: Times are hard for business. The Economist reports.

    5. RT @CDT: Labour-related Lawsuits Nearly Double In China: The number of labour-related law suits ne.. 1 day ago from TweetDeck

    Comment: Hard times call for hard measures. The introduction of the Labour Law came and went. In good times it was not such an issue. Now the impact will be felt (despite some reported “flexibility” from local governments).

    6. RT @danwei: A warning about the industrial areas of Shenzhen: From the Silk Road International blog: .. 8:09 AM Mar 4th from TweetDeck

    Comment: “Mass incidents” have long been an issue in China. Business people in industrial areas are urged to be aware of problems created by unemployment and anger.

    7. RT @CDT: China Goes on a Smart Shopping Spree: Beijing is spending from its $2 trillion worth of cash reserves .. 8:29 AM Mar 3rd from TweetDeck

    Comment: We have covered this recently – and it is no surprise that the Chinese shopping spree continues. For now the focus is commodities. But no doubt China will start to climb the value chain here too.

    8. RT @chinahearsay: New blog post: Spokesman Hijacking… [more on celebrity endorsement – or not!]11:43 AM Mar 2nd from TweetDeck

    Comment: We wrote about the risk of celebrity endorsements last week. This post outlines a fake endorsement that has caused much laughter – but which also failed to fool savvy Chinese consumers.

    9. RT @raykwong: China’s legislature increases penalties for possessing unaccountable wealth. ’10:22 PM Feb 28th from TweetDeck

    Comment: Junkets and corrupt officials (especially in a downturn) do not help social harmony. The crackdown continues.

    10. RT @ydubel: RT: @janettl Can foreign brands survive a price war in China? 2:45 PM Feb 28th from TweetDeck

    Comment: We reported recently on how foreign companies are dealing with changing economic conditions – and have warned before about price wars.

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