Briefly…The Top Ten Tweets (Fear of Scams, Spy Networks and M&A. But Some Optimism for the Economy).

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The past week has twittered its way through a lot of news. While some fear a China scam, others worry about a global GhostNet, or military M&A positioning. Most – but not all – also worry about the economy. Some – but not all – even had the decency to report good news. And then there is the holiday issue. A holiday does not have to be a week to be golden. Officially.

Our selection of top tweets from the past week are below. Some of the issues are also covered, in greater depth, in their own blog posts.

1. @DaisyOBrien Noticed your worry about a possible scam in China. Check out our blog post here. “How to Scupper a Scammer” about 2 hours ago from TweetDeck in reply to DaisyOBrien

2. And speaking of security / protectionism…”China Minmetals Makes Revised Bid for OZ Minerals” excluding sensitive mine: about 8 hours ago from TweetDeck

3. China cyber attack risk? Times points at Huawei Protectionism or security? Or protecting security? about 8 hours ago from TweetDeck

4. Holiday tension. More on our blog: – RT @eChinacities: Stick to May holiday plan, says govt 10:00 AM Mar 27th from TweetDeck

5. Dell China up 28%: Now for rural consumer and fiscal stimulus: Lenovo too: 8:48 AM Mar 27th from TweetDeck

6. China and the new world order? – RT @China_Daily: Brown: End western control of IMF, WB .. 8:28 AM Mar 27th from TweetDeck

7. Chinese ODI suffers Coke reflux…Or security concern? – Bloomberg: Minmetals Bid for OZ Minerals Blocked by Australia 8:05 AM Mar 27th from TweetDeck

8. Chinese consumers getting education, entertainment, and online – RT @fonstuinstra: China’s Consumers Are Still Spending 11:19 AM Mar 26th from TweetDeck

9. Some economic optimism from Zhou. Bloomberg: China’s ““rapid economic slide” has been “basically” brought under control” 10:57 AM Mar 26th from TweetDeck

10. Reading a little optimism in FT’s China Confidential (free trial) With apologies to the blog … 2:15 PM Mar 23rd from TweetDeck

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