Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From Bribery, Fakes & Scams, To New Rules, Megatrends & Entertaining IPR)

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Last week’s news review, from our China Blog Tweets Twitter feed, is ready to go, below.

We kick off with more insight into the Rio bribery case (but are storing up some more bribery stories including both local and foreign firms – this is one trend that is not your friend). Corporate Social Responsibility, also gets coverage. But this time it is Microsoft, not Apple, that gets a bruising. The other MNC getting unwelcome attention is Yum’s KFC – whose (fake) marketing (and reputation) got fried.

The risk of scams remain for those who choose to lose (i.e. don’t do any due diligence), but for others, emerging megatrends, and continued strong GDP growth, spell opportunity in the T2 cities and beyond.

ODI (big in Brazil, but watch for smaller, minority investments too) and FDI (up again, and with some new policies in place) both make the list, as do new rules around government procurement and “indigenous innovation”.

Lastly, Apple has the last laugh with an interesting (sic) trademark case. Funny, but also a timely reminder that it is worth taking professional advice from time to time…

1. Bribery RT @niubi: Garnaut work on Rio China bribery case fascinating. if correct Hu et al lucky 2 just get a few years. 9:11 AM Apr 17th

2. CSR: It’s not just Apple RT @chinaeconreview: Microsoft investigates working conditions at Dongguan factory 6:59 AM Apr 16th

3. Kentucky Fried Consumer? RT @samflemming: KFC gets burned in China via Internet coupon promotion; from @adagechina 6:50 AM Apr 15th

4. Risk: The old China Buyer Scam RT @niubi: Chinese Farmers con 140,000 yuan… germans deserved considering…”bribe” 6:44 AM Apr 15th

5. ODI RT @fonstuinstra: China agrees to invest heavily in Brazilian infrastructure – MercoPress 1:21 PM Apr 16th

6. FDI RT @China_Daily: China unveils new rules for foreign investment 7:14 PM Apr 13th

7. Procurement & protectionism: RT @fonstuinstra: ICTSD • China Relaxes Restrictions on Government Purchasing 7:17 PM Apr 15th

8. Consumption; T2 & 3 cities; Industry upgrade… RT @raykwong: …”Three Growth Megatrends in China.” (by @shaunrein) 8:29 PM Apr 13th

9. RT @BullishChina: China’s Q1 GDP up about 11.9 pct y/y -sources – Reuters – BEIJING, April 14 (Reuters)… 1:34 PM Apr 14th

10. IP LOL (no, really) RT @chinahearsay: Latest China Hearsay: “The China iPad Trademark Auction That Never Was” 1:16 PM Apr 12th

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