Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From Bribery, Piracy and Criminal Charges to M&A Mass Activism and Stimulated Growth)

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After an all-too-short summer break, “Briefly” is back. Below please see our pick from ChinaBlogTweets over the past week.

1. Bribes, FCPA & China RT @sinostream: CNOOC Rejects U.S Bribery Reports #fb 12:17 PM Aug 16th from TwitterFon

2. M&A & mass activism RT @China_Daily: Worker protest blocks China steel takeover 10:24 AM Aug 16th from TwitterFon

3. Green Dam rebooted RT @China_Web20: CHINA Beijing makes u-turn: Internet filtering is not mandatory 3:04 PM Aug 15th from TwitterFon

4. RT @sioksiok: RT @elliottng Shaun Rein on Should You Look For Work In China? (The reality, not the NYTs version) 7:57 AM Aug 15th from TwitterFon

5. Adapting to local conditions RT @DanHarris: New China Law Blog post: China Retail as Piracy Prevention 7:47 AM Aug 15th from TwitterFon

6. RT @ftchina: Beijing considers appeal of WTO ruling 12:54 AM Aug 14th from TwitterFon

7. Rio RT @TweetChina: China Charges 4 Employees of Rio Tinto, but Backs Off Allegations of Spying – NY Times 1:27 PM Aug 12th from TwitterFon

8. RT @China_Daily: China’s export to resume growth in Q4 1:23 PM Aug 12th from TwitterFon

9. RT @Chinalyst: The Six (Not Five) Keys To China Quality :: China Law Blog 3:33 PM Aug 11th from TwitterFon

10. Sustainable? RT @chinaherald: China Economy May Grow 9.4% This Year, Goldman Says – Bloomberg 11:48 AM Aug 10th from TwitterFon

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