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Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From Census, Prices & Power, To Unions, Logistics & Internet IPOs)

Our weekly China business news review follows, with our pick of our ChinaBlogTweets Twitter stream

1. Census: RT @islandchic: Almost 2 Maldives. RT @olbion: Exactly 593,832 laowai live in China. http://goo.gl/0D0XD [1] (See also: @TheEIU_China The EIU China #China’s urbanisation rate was 49.7% in 2010 according to the census, in line with previous EIU estimate of 49.6% http://bit.ly/lmkdFg [2])

2. PMI: @21cbhchinanews 21CBH China Biz News China ’s Manufacturing Sector PMI Falls in April on Policy Tightening http://dlvr.it/QMg94 [3]

3. Power pricing pressure RT @beyondbrics: China: are power cuts possible? http://on.ft.com/jyA8Tj [4]

4. RMB RT @eobserver: China News Agency…RMB just broke the 6.5 yuan to U.S dollar mark http://goo.gl/wNQFB [5] central parity rate…6.499

5. ODI impact RT @beyondbrics: China buys into Polish bulldozers http://on.ft.com/kAQQCz [6]

6. Prices RT @beyondbrics: The end of cheap: China’s tipping point http://on.ft.com/jwTZFB [7](see also: A weld of difference RT @beyondbrics: US manufacturing takes on China http://on.ft.com/ioGAqU [8])

7. Unions RT @chinalabour: Wuhan trade union signs collective contract for 450,000 catering workers http://bit.ly/k6FpKp [9] (see also: RT @fonstuinstra: China’s trade union takes up a new cause — workers – The Washington Post http://ht.ly/4ITTz [10]

8. Logistics: Weak link RT @TheEIU_China: In the wake of the Shanghai trucker strike the NYT looks at #China’s logistics system… http://nyti.ms/keVoJa [11]

9. Ren Ren IPO: niubi Bill SEC Steps In To Bail Out Chinese IPO Bubble, Activates Short Sale Rule 201 In Plummeting RenRen | zero hedge http://bit.ly/kRCviy $renn (see also: @gadyepstein Gady Epstein
2 good reads on Renren by smart China tech writers. 1) @klukoff: http://bit.ly/ipsFUk 2) @goldkorn: http://tcrn.ch/kY3gId)

10. Copies: Princess not included! RT @fonstuinstra Only in China: Royal wedding dress copied 2 hours after wedding Shanghaied Weblog http://ht.ly/4KdCB [12]

More commentary on the news, for those who can’t get enough:

Sinica podcast: RT @KaiserKuo: Latest Sinica…Nouriel Roubini Gets it in the A** in China (with @gadyepstein, @goldkorn, @andrewbatson). http://ow.ly/4JvA2 [13]

Enovate’s Weibo roundup RT @enovate: Our weekly #Weibo Roundup is out! We’re talking the Royal wedding, Osama Bin Laden, music festivals etc… http://ow.ly/4LS0i [14]

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Will investors still love Chinese Internet IPOs