Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From China Twits, Demographics and Risks to CSR ODI & IPOs).

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Last week’s tweet selection is finally here. Yes, you can stop holding your collective cyber breath! Here goes:

1. China Tweeps: @chinameme China twits from @christinelu #Christinelu 6:13 PM Jul 24th from TweetDeck

Comment: Christine Lu was in London talking about China, Geeks on a Plane and business issues. She highlighted @chinameme as a source of information from twitterers in China.

2. CSR: #Rio & CSR RT @fonstuinstra: Stern Hu and the unpleasant truth about Rio Tinto – 12:51 PM Jul 24th from TweetDeck

Comment: As the Rio story continues its run (see main blog post), this is a look under the covers at the less glossy side of Rio’s international history and operations.

3. Demographics: Exceptions to the rule RT @GE_Anderson: Shanghai belatedly discovers downside to 1-child policy. 8:16 PM Jul 23rd from TweetDeck

Comment: While the “one child” policy remains in place, there is growing realisation that the demographic time bomb needs defusing. There are exceptions to the rule already, and people are being told to take advantage.

4. Risk: Control your risks RT @DanHarris: China Law Blog – China Hostage Situation. Now IS A Good Time To Pay Your Debts 8:28 AM Jul 23rd from TweetDeck

Comment: Dan gives good advice, as usual. Control your risks with a bit of forward planning and you could save money and strife. Do not put yourself at risk by being in the wrong place (the Chinese factory) at the wrong time (when telling them you can’t pay the bills). Some things seem obvious in retrospect…

5. Censorship: There wasn’t one already? RT @ftchina: China orders internet purge 8:46 PM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

Comment: The rules of the game are dictated by government, so online businesses – and people who use them – need to take care, nurture a Plan B, and constantly watch policy development. If your business needs to be online in China, take care with how your cover sensitive stories online…

6. Trade: Trading up RT @ftchina: China set to be biggest exporter 8:43 PM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

Comment: No surprises as China overtakes Germany. Good news for China, perhaps, but it also means others (the US) have higher trade deficits. The politics of protectionism may follow.

7. Hong Kong: HKTDC Launches HK$120 Million SME Assistance Package. Includes Buyer Incentive Programme… 1:41 PM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

Comment: Hong Kong is a great and very accessible launchpad for SMEs. The current offers make their trade shows even more attractive to new visitors. Some real value there, so take a look.

8. Branding: Branding not auto(matic) RT @MediaAsia: Features | Chinese Automakers Begin Brand Journey 8:32 AM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

Comment: Chinese companies are becoming more brand savvy, and also more global in outlook. The auto sector is showcased here.

9. Markets: IPO RT @ftchina: China’s IPO reform 6:02 PM Jul 21st from TweetDeck

Comment: New rules, and big new, high-multiple, IPOs. Good news for advisors, but the market is already showing some jitters.

10. ODI RT @caijingonline: Chinese Companies Pursuing Innovative Strategies In Foreign M&A Deals – JPMorgan… 6:56 AM Jul 20th from TweetDeck

Comment: Yes, “the Chinese are coming”!. See more in our post here: ODI. With M&A, FX & Branding

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