Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From Consumer Brands, Growth & Reverse Innovation, To Lobbying, Non-Strategy & Digital Generations)

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Last week’s news has been sifted and sorted from our Twitter feed, ChinaBlogTweets, and we are pleased to present our highlights below…

The UN’s latest projected growth rate for China is 9.5% in 2010. Despite inflationary fears (and recent reports do show a rise of 2.8%), and bank debt worries, those popular domestic consumers are to the fore, with increased confidence (and come alongisde a useful listing of China’s top consumer brands from CLSA – with China Mobile and Tencent QQ leading the pack.

The RMB debate continues (Standard Chartered even went so far as to suggest a revaluation is now on the way), with AmCham suggesting to the US government that the situation is not black and white, and that other issues also need attention.

There are of course a lot of issues to deal with. We picked up on some of them, including the dangers of China’s “state secrets” (and “Centrally Administered Enterprise Trade Secrets”). Take note, and take precautions.

Also the “Indigenous Innovation” policy – which may have an impact on multinationals’ R&D strategies, as well as market access negotiations. But we were also reminded that not all innovation need be high-tech and high cost. There is also scope for “reverse innovation”, via which low-cost products designed for the local market can be re-engineered to fit developed market needs.

In the face of these challenges, companies are having to work harder to comply with regulations, ensure proper corporate governance, and to align themselves with policy. A traditional tool has been the public affairs advisor / lobbyist (recently seen in Rio Tinto’s hiring of a well-known old-China-hand, Henry Kissinger), but resources can be deployed in different ways, and with varying degrees of subtlety and success. The case of GE’s leadership programme is highlighted, and it provides a good model for long-term engagement.

And it is not just regulation that is changing – factors such as costs, labour and internal competition, are also moving, as described by David Dayton on the Silk Road blog. Two things that are not changing however are the need for due diligence and quality control.

Of course, not everyone does things according to the rules, and an interesting post on Apple’s lack of strategy in China (and the similarity of its leadership model and attitude to that of China’s SOEs), provided a useful reminder that (while it may not have got them as far as fast as other approaches) it is not only Chinese firms can win out by grinding down the opposition.

Lastly this week, some research. BCG has released a report on “China’s Digital Generations 2.0” which notes that “Chinese Internet users already spend more time online than Americans and they prefer to focus on entertainment and communications to a greater extent than users in other countries”. Apple seem poised to take a nice slice of that pie!

Now for the tweets and links:

1. Economy: UN estimate RT @China_Daily: China GDP set to grow 9.5% this year 6:43 AM May 7th
2. Consumers: RT @GCBRANDS: RT @joelbackaler China’s consumer confidence at record high in Q1 2:52 PM May 8th (Also see CLSA China Brands Index RT @joelbackaler: China’s Top 100 Consumer Brands 2:56 PM May 8th)
3. RMB & Trade: More MB RT @jamesLmcgregor: Currency … schmurrency. 9:17 AM May 8th (Time for a revaluation? RMB rumblings continue RT @ChinaBizWatch: China May Scrap Yuan Peg Next Week, Standard Chartered Says ~bizwk 7:32 AM May 6th)
4. Secrets series: RT @DanHarris: RT @auconrad: Defining State Secrets In China. 8:07 AM May 4th (also Part II…; and another view “Commercial secrets: suggestions on how to play it safe” from the View to China blog 9:36 PM May 9th)
5. Indigenous Innovation: RT @chinasolved: …China R&D, Indigenous Innovation & Global Competition. Guest Post: Prof Seamus Grimes, ECNU 6:41 AM May 5th
6. Reverse innovation & glocalisation… RT @JUCCCE: Innovation Needs To Start In China «’s The China Tracker 12:49 PM May 6th
7. Lobbying: V effective RT @niubi: …GE Lobby China in Different Way-Bloomberg “25 Chinese execs/yr 4 GE leadership program” 7:19 AM May 4th
8. Working-level changes RT @raykwong: Working in China: Where to go, what to expect, and how to do it. (Silk Road) 7:03 AM May 7th
9. Strategy (not): RT @SirSteven: reading… RT @pdenlinger: For Apple, The Best China Strategy Was Not Having One., 12:37 PM May 6th
10. Internet insight RT @niubi: BCG’s David Michael on China’s Digital Revolution – China Real Time Report – WSJ 6:31 AM May 7th (Also see RT @samflemming: CIC’s China social media/trend watch, 2nd half 2009 edition now available for free download… 7:28 AM May 6th)

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