Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From Economic Myths, & Trade Deficits, To Angry Consumers & Fake Peas)

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The pick of last week’s news, from ChinaBlogTweets follows below. You will note continued focus on China’s trade position and the thorny issue of the RMB’s valuation. Other trends that are becoming like old friends include dangerous fakes (due diligence and testing are important), bribery (in Hong Kong this time), and active consumers (as well as consumer activism).

1. Economy: RT @fonstuinstra: Five myths about China’s economy – Arthur Kroeber 6:27 PM Apr 10th

Comment: As Deng Xiao Ping said, “seek truth from the facts”. China’s rise has raised a lot of eyebrows in the west (and western media) and there is a degree of misunderstanding. Some context is provided here.

2. RMB appreciation RT @fonstuinstra: China Speakers Bureau: Expected: small appreciation RMB in next 3 months – Shaun Rein 8:41 AM Apr 7th

Comment: The US delayed its threat to make China a “currency manipulator”, but the debate on the value continues. China is unlikely to be bullied, and it is likely to stick to its gradualist approach. A 1 or 2 percent gain over 3 months is suggested here.

3. Trade: RT @BullishChina: China Reveals First Monthly Trade Deficit In Around Six Years – Quick … – RTT News 8:27 AM Apr 10th

Comment: This is a rather exceptionally rare trade deficit for China, and a repeat is not expected soon. Cynics suggest the timing was convenient for the (now delayed US review of China as a currency manipulator). Others see it as a seasonal blip.

4. FDI RT @chinahearsay: Has recent criticism made MOC nervous? “FDI barriers likely to be eased further” 8:05 AM Apr 8th

Comment: FDI has held up well (RT @shanghaidaily: FDI…steady growth rate in March. Foreign investors allocated US$9.42 bln last month, up 12.0%… ) but FDI is less loved than it once was – especially where it does not add value (and/or when it pollutes / operates inefficiently).

5. GDP: NDRC est. RT @vfchina: China 2010 GDP growth to top 10 pct – govt economist | Business News | Reuters 7:32 AM Apr 8th |

Comment: The last quarter saw strong growth (RT @BullishChina: China’s Q1 GDP up about 11.9 pct y/y -sources – Reuters – BEIJING, April 14 (Reuters)…) and eyes are on inflationary risk.

6. China the biggest… RT @vfchina: China ranked No.1 in world commodity exchanges | The Australian 9:43 PM Apr 7th

Comment: China leads in yet another area. This time it is the number of commodity contracts traded on the Shanghai Futures Exchange. China is still hungry for resources.

7. Bribery: Hong Kong’s ICAC in action RT @niubi: KPMG manager appears in court on bribery charge 8:31 AM Apr 10th

Comment: last week it was Daimler on the mainland, and before that Rio Tinto. This time it is Hong Kong, and another big MNC in the frame. Internal controls need constant review.

8. Consumer activism: …and a second helping RT @China_Daily: KFC in dispute over discount coupons 4:42 PM Apr 7th

Comment: KFC is only the latest MNC to come up against consumer activism. In this case is was…”A game of chicken RT @chinahearsay: RT @chinadivide: People v. KFC: My 6-Hour Saga Over A Cheap Bucket Of Chicken” 4:41 PM Apr 7th

9. Product risks RT @lonniehodge: RT @GarySoup: Fake Green Peas Latest Food Scandal in China peas stay hard and water turns green… 7:56 AM Apr 6th

Comment: This is a sadly common theme – product quality and food safety. We have reported on the “Poisonous Supply Chain” before, and continue to recommend due diligence, testing to protect business and customers alike.

10. Consumer trends RT @raykwong: Reading: “The Top 10 Consumer Trends Defining China’s Emerging Domestic Market.” 7:49 AM Apr 6th

Comment: Issues addressed include: Location, format, competition, distribution, international impact (and lack of it), quality. All suggest that businesses need to adapt to changing conditions.

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