Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From Education, Protectionism & Investment To Strategic Search, Electric SOEs & A Megacity)

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Welcome to our weekly pick of (last week’s) news from our ChinaBlogTweets Twitter feed. This week’s post is another lighter, holiday version. Full service (and commentary will follow again next week).

1. Education: Fraud, ethics etc RT @chinahearsay: Guardian: Understanding China’s academic woes – Steven Kuo

2. Protectionism: Huawei & ZTE (also see earlier tweet re US checks) RT @chinaimport: India Allows…Chinese Telecom Gear – WSJ (See also: Again… RT @NiuB: Senators Demand Huawei Cyberespionage Answers (Forbes):

3. ODI RT @ChinaDailyUSA: Rewards for overseas investments (See also: ODI politics RT @WSJChina: Anshan’s U.S. Investment Is in Doubt

4. A searching question RT @raykwong: Is Search Now A Strategic Industry in China? (TechCrunch) (See also: RT @weishutong: #Chinese government approved #IPO of, one of 10 #news websites to go public

5. Up to $15bn RT @raykwong: Reading: “China Pours Billions Into Electric Cars, Hybrids.” (Fast Company) (See also: “Guided by”…SASAC RT @21cbhchinanews: 16 SOEs to Form Electric Vehicle Association

6. FDI RT @chinahearsay: Shanghai Daily: New incentives to attract foreign capital – this doesn’t address FDI concerns (See also: McBond RT @douglaszjiang: – Investors Drool Over McDonald’s Yuan Bond; QFLP RT @gadyepstein: A New Way To Invest in China – Beijing Dispatch

7. Corporate governance RT @bestoils: China Mobile Changes Its CEO: China Mobile Limited announced today…

8. 2nd Tier Consumption: …go! RT @enovate: Nike seeks China’s lower-tier cities expansion in biggest overseas market (see also: Ready, steady… RT @enovate: Adidas Opens Taobao Store

9. Consumers: New McKinsey research RT @BeyondBrics: Chinese consumers: no longer doormats (see also: Re-balancing RT @fonstuinstra: China to Boost Private Spending in Plan, Ulrich Says – BusinessWeek; RT @niubi: China’s hidden wealth: China’s well-hidden, ill-gotten gains – The Economist

10. Chongqing RT @chinabeat: New link: Profile of Chinese megacity Chongqing by @larsonchristina

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