Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From Environment, Power & RMB, To Corruption, Control & Hacks)

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Read on our pick of the last week’s China business news from our ChinaBlogTweets Twitter stream:

RT @greenlawchina: Nice post from @jonathanwatts on China’s state of environment report (also see: South-North Diversion RT @CDTGreen: Ambitious Plan for China’s Water Crisis Spurs Concern

RT @chrisrbrown: China’s power shortage problems see no signs of stopping, probably continues to increase (also see: RT @beyondbrics: China energy: supply vs demand;RT @chinahearsay: China coal imports to double in 2015, India close behind – Reuters; RT @TheEIU_China: #China to raise electricity prices as price fixing has caused power shortages

More #RMB + Zhou Xiaochuan RT @WSJChina: Were China’s Leaders Conned? (also see: @CDTimes China Digital Times “The Yuan has risen a lot—21% since 2005 … It’s done nothing to close the trade gap. Instead, all it’s…”

RT @chinahearsay: Why China Is Running Out Of Workers

RT @caixinmediafeed: Caixin: China’s state telecom carriers have been put under anti-corruption review (Also see: Corrupdate RT @ChinaDailyUSA: Large-scale graft investigation launched into #China’s biggest State-owned telecoms

@CDT China Digital Times China to Clean Up Billions Worth of Local Debt: Beijing is to take on some 2-3 trillion yuan of local government… (also see: Caixin Media Online Caixin: The possibility of a massive loan write-off right now looks pretty remote

Control & 2nd home market
(in south at least) RT @21cbhchinanews: Starbucks Seeking Full Ownership of #China Stores to Boost…

Yahoo / Alibaba
RT @chinahearsay: Alipay Fiasco Underscores the Expropriation Risk of China Investments – Seeking Alpha

Hacking Google
RT @BullishChina: China denies hacking charges, backs cyber talks Straits Times (also see: Jinan? RT @WSJAsiaBiz: Tracking Google’s Hackers in China (also see: update. Details TBC RT @WSJAsiaBiz: Yahoo, Alibaba Reach Alipay Agreement )

Expat vs local?
Hire the best for the job RT @wolfgroupasia: To Gweilo, or not to Gweilo

Catch up with the Sinica podcast here: @KaiserKuo Latest Sinica Podcast now up. @goldkorn, @gadyepstein, @niubi & I discuss Inner Mongolia, Jiangxi bombs, drought

And, in case you missed it, celebrate Li Na’s (China’s) tennis victory here: Tennis wins too! RT @goldkorn: RT @mranti: Li Na wins French Open by 6:4 7:6! 李娜赢了!

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