Briefly…Top Ten Tweets: From Environmental Impact to “Green Dams”, Good Scams, and a Damning Editorial

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1. Environment: MEP flexes muscles – BBC: Environment fears halt China dams 5:24 PM Jun 12th

Comment: Further to our post on this last week, the Ministry of Environmental Protection shows it can shake things up. Other relevant news is around green power. MEP’s role is strategic as well as environmental: Low carbon, High spend – RT @BillGlover: China launches green power revolution to catch up on west, $30bn for low-carbon 6:15 AM Jun 10th from TweetDeck

2. Bad Business: Short-term gain can be long-term pain – RT @fonstuinstra: How to kill your China business 8:23 AM Jun 11th from TweetDeck

Comment: It is an old lesson, but many have not yet learnt it…China strategy needs to be long-term, and companies need to train up, and hang on to, good people. With the rise of the domestic market, local talent is more important than ever.

3. Economy: Exports -26.4%, y on y – Forbes: Data Shows China Relies More on Growth at Home 8:02 AM Jun 11th from TweetDeck

Comment: The trade figures were always going to be bad, given the global business environment, but there have been signs of domestic consumption on the back of the stimulus plan (Stimulus in, output up – AFP: China’s industrial output up 8.9 pct in May 8:15 AM Jun 12th).

Other recent economic news:

RT @CDT: China’s Consumer Prices Decline 1.4%, Aiding Recovery: From Bloomberg 8:03 AM Jun 11th from TweetDeck

RT @China_Daily: China PPI down 7.2% in May year on year AM Jun 10th from TweetDeck

4. Risk: Another client is fearful of the “China buyer scam”…Time to re-tweet “How to Scupper a Scammer” 9:09 AM Jun 9th from TweetDeck

Comment: Due diligence is worth the investment. The saving from doing no due diligence is not worth the risk. Let us know if you would like us to show you the sums…

5. ODI: ODI lessons? View from the FT: China will learn from failed Chinalco-Rio deal 8:27 AM Jun 9th from TweetDeck

Comment: We noted this story last week as well, but it continues to rumble. A round-up is here.

6. IT: IT escorts RT @imagethief: New post: Why I’m not in a tizzy over China’s new Internet filtering software: 8:06 AM Jun 9th from TweetDeck

Comment: China is planning to pre-install internet filters on all computers. Could this be the thin end of the wedge? Computer makers have some hard decisions to make, but users will not have to try to hard to escape the Green Dam Escort (which latest news suggests could infringe IP of a US firm, Solid Oak).

7. IPR: Register! RT @DanHarris: New China Law Blog post: Think You Have A Well Known China Trademark.Think Again 6:54 AM Jun 9th from TweetDeck

Comment: We have said it before, and will say it again. Register early to get protection. The IP environment has improved, but without the basics in place, it is hard to cry foul, even for a “famous brand”.

8. Exports: RT @sinostream: China raises tax rebates to shore up exports5:14 PM Jun 8th from TweetDeck

Comment: The basket of policies that accompany the stimulus spending plan are keeping pace with the changing market. Expect more action to follow to ensure growth stays on track.

9. FDI: Gome is an electric investment for Bain. And corporate governance? – FT: Bain in $630m boost for Gome 4:52 PM Jun 8th from TweetDeck

Comment: While FDI continues to fall, there are opportunities for the selective investor, and for those (unlike Coke) who seek to invest in – rather than buy – local brands.

10. Little luxurues: First Barbie. Now Gucci – RT @ChinaResearch: Gucci Launches Shanghai Flagship… 4:45 PM Jun 8th from TweetDeck

Comment: The local consumer market is growing (even if retail stats are unreliable), and these high-profile flagship stores are an increasingly common brand promotion strategy, as companies seek to give new consumers an unforgettable (brand) experience…even if the sale may not happed on the first visit.

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