Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From FDI, M&A & Gold, To Damn Dams, Food Scandals & Rich Clubs)

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Read on our pick of the last week’s China business news from our ChinaBlogTweets Twitter stream:

RT @shanghaidaily: FDI in China grew 26.03% year-on-year to reach US$38.8 bln during first 4 months of this year. (see also: TheEIU_China The EIU China China’s hot money flows are driven by Chinese avoiding tax, disguising export income as foreign investment.

Auto & M&A
RT @BullishChina: Spyker turns to China’s Pangda for Saab rescue – (Also see: Wheeling & dealing RT @beyondbrics: Pang Da: Saab’s white knight; ODI RT @NiuB: China Outbound FDI Rose 17.5Pct in First Four Months

RT @chinahearsay: Herbert Smith: China’s New M&A Security Review: Implications for Technology Companies (see also: Yum update RT @ChinaDailyUSA: Yum’s bid for Chinese restaurant chain subject to anti-monopoly review #China)

@WSJChina WSJ China News China Tops India As Largest Physical Gold Investor (see also: ODI, government & gold RT @beyondbrics: China goes for the gold

Damn Dams
RT @CDTGreen: China Admits Three Gorges Dam Problems Bill Drought leaves nearly 1,400 reservoirs “dead” in central China province – People’s Daily Online (see also: RT @WSJChina: China Rations Power Use Amid Drought

Food scandals
@goldkorn Comforting RT @austinramzy “Parasitic worms … in imported eels that can cause epilepsy, paralysis … no cause for panic” (see also: You have been warned… RT @beyondbrics: China’s exploding watermelon scandal; @TheEIU_China China’s Continued failure to improve China’s food safety shows ineffectiveness of regulatory bodies & need for new approaches.

Due diligence
RT @shaunrein Shaun Rein CNBC…”Caution Needed When Investing in Chinese Firms”

Alibaba-Yahoo update
RT @fonstuinstra: Alipay Fallout: Foreign Investors and China Risk Assessment | China Hearsay See also: RT @chinahearsay: Nationalism And Protectionism In The Alibaba-Yahoo Dispute

Apple, Foxconn, Chengdu
RT @WSJChina: Explosion Kills 2 at Foxconn Plant

Rich (Forbidden) Club
Paid private access is Nothing new RT @NiuB: China’s Forbidden City hit by ‘rich club’ scandal (see also: Forbidden club RT @globaltimesnews: CHINA: ‘Pure nonsense’ comes true…the Forbidden City denied its own denial

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