Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From Going Global, RMB Wrangling & Google Fallout, To Luxury Goods, Bribery & Dell’s Denial)

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We have covered Google and Rio already so, while they continue to generate headlines, we will (mostly) focus on other news, from our ChinaBlogTweets twitter feed, here. And keep watching, as we will add posts to expand on some of these issues later in the week.

1. ODI: Finally… RT @fonstuinstra: Geely Automobile | Ford’s Volvo sale to Geely is officially wrapped up. | China Car Times 5:18 PM Mar 28th

2. Tech: RT @evgenymorozov: Are Chinese tech companies quietly building their global presence while no one is watching? 1:11 PM Mar 22nd

3. Going Global RT @iichina: China Railway Wins $4.8 Billion Indonesia Contract 7:21 AM Mar 25th

4. Investment Review: RT @iichina: China to Set Up Foreign Investment Review Board 1:16 PM Mar 25th

5. Luxury retail RT @raykwong: Ferragamo and Montblanc continue scoring big in China. 6:02 PM Mar 27th

6. Localisation: RT @GCBRANDS: Hermes to open first China store under Shang Xia brand in September. Paris may be next. 8:52 AM Mar 27th

7. MNC Bribery: More on Daimler bribery RT @China_Daily: Daimler Benz accused of bribery in China 8:11 AM Mar 25th

8. China + 1?: …but looks like Dell also seeking “safer” environment / legal system in India. China + 1 strategy? h/t @allroads 8:02 AM Mar 25th (Note: Dell has since denied this. RT @stinson: RT @shangmor: Dell denies China pullout (source: People)

9. Google Again: Cause & effect RT @rmack: RT @heicailiao: Li Ka-shing’s Tom Online stops using Google search on its site. 6:11 AM Mar 23rd (See also: The fallout RT @chinaeconreview: China Unicom to ax Google search from mobile handsets 7:33 AM Mar 25th)

10. RMB Appreciation?: RMB wrangling RT @fonstuinstra: China Officials Wrestle Publicly Over Currency – 8:16 PM Mar 25th (But…RT @andrewbatson: China will likely post a trade deficit days before US Treasury makes decision on currency 7:03 AM Mar 24th)

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