Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From Google’s Searching Questions, To Poorly Made Books, Bubbles & Biggest Things)

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Twitter and travelling in China do not go well together (sadly), so apologies for the delayed news here on the blog.

Our round-up of news from ChinaBlogTweets is below, but the staqnd-out stories must be the throwing down of Google’s gauntlet, and China’s year-end figures that include not only great growth, but also several more “biggest” and “second biggest” nominations.

1. Google, censorship and business sense?: This is such a big story, it needs to be looked at from several perspectives. A selection is below.

– China Speakers Bureau: Why is Google leaving China (part 1)

– GoogleCN has been at it a while. Here is one of our old posts on it from 2007

– The PR perspective RT @imagethief: New post: Google detonates the China corporate communications script: #GoogleCN

– Case study in China MNC (mis)management RT @Web2Asia: My take on Google’s China announcement

– Searching RT @NiuB: RT @jinghuaz: RT @johnolilly …Very good big picture piece from Fallows on Google & China.

More updates on this to follow. We will tie it all together when (!) time allows. In the meantime, keep following the story on Twitter, and everywhere else.

2. Lending & inflation: China Raises Banks Reserve Ratio to Cool Economy, Bloomberg – 12:38 PM Jan 12th from HootSuite

3. Bubbles?: @fonstuinstra China Speakers Bureau: Tell James Chanos: no bubble in China – Shaun Rein 8:59 AM Jan 12th

4. Setting Up: RT @BlawgTweets: How To Form A Representative Office In China. 4:05 PM Jan 11th

5. China is big, and bits of it are getting ever bigger: China the biggest… RT @billrusso: Business Week: China Ends U.S.’s Reign as Largest Auto Market 12:32 PM Jan 11th from Echofon

See more on this here.

6. Another one to read RT @NiuB: Paul Midler’s “Poorly Made in China”: Mischief, mayhem, soap. by @imagethief: 11:16 PM Jan 7th

7. PR = Pay Reporters RT @stinson: #link Getting paid for reporting through red envelopes – Global Times… 1:47 PM Jan 7th

8. RMB RT @nducray: RT @niubi: China Think Tank Calls For One-Off 10% Rise In Yuan Vs US Dollar – 8:20 AM Jan 6th. (More on the RMB here: RT @niubi: Pettis on RMB-Everyone wants to talk about currencies 4:12 PM Jan 9th).

9. RT @BullishChina: China May Report 8.5% Growth for 2009, Official Says – BusinessWeek 10:48 AM Jan 5th

10. Up! RT @ChinaNewsLine: China’s December Exports Rebound, Imports Jump 55.9% – BusinessWeek #china 8:30 AM Jan 10th from Echofon

Another news update will catch up with the calendar soonest…

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