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Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From Growth, Surplus & Design, To Real Estate, Risks & Testing Times)

Read on our pick of the last week’s China business news from our ChinaBlogTweets [1] Twitter stream:

RT @shanghaidaily: World Bank predicted that China’s economic growth will slow to 9.3% this year from 10.3% last year. http://xpo.sh/1rw [2] (also see: Stats RT @WSJAsiaBiz: Chinese GDP Data: How Reliable? http://on.wsj.com/kykbk2 [3]

RT @Changing_China: China inflation may top 6 percent in June: expert http://reut.rs/lyRN0u [4]

Trade surplus
@ChinaRealTime WSJ China Real Time Economists react to China’s unexpected May import growth http://on.wsj.com/kDtU4O [5] (also see: RT @ftchina: China trade surplus hits $13bn in May http://on.ft.com/mAzNhr [6])

RT @sovereignfund: CIC’s Lou Jiwei says China should create conditions to open up the yuan capital account. http://bit.ly/m7T0KZ [7]

Designed in China (Honav v Foxconn)
How Honav have it pinned RT @beyondbrics: Made in China to designed in China http://on.ft.com/kTajPE [8](also see: Wages, moves, margins RT @beyondbrics: A word from Foxconn’s Gou http://on.ft.com/ii41WE [9]; Exporting exporters (from HSI) RT @beyondbrics: Foxconn, worth less than toilet paper http://on.ft.com/m1MBeO [10])

Luxury real estate (in a real state)
Luxury hit RT @blcsfo: Sales of Beijing’s most expensive apartments halted http://zite.to/lV0aof [11]via @Ziteapp (also see: Update RT @beyondbrics: China’s most expensive apartment – a scam? http://on.ft.com/mLQJCK [12] @JingDaily

RT @NiuB: China to Promote Foreign Investment in Key Sectors, Daily Says – Bloomberg http://bloom.bg/jkO2OR [13]

Drought, rained out
RT @chinaeconreview: China drought ends, flooding begins: Torrential rains have alleviated a serious drought… http://bit.ly/kUB7Kx [14]

Due diligence +
RT @sagebrennan: critical long-term strategic issue: “@ChinaAnswers: Reading: Dude, Who Stole My China Operations? http://t.co/fhGoKSg [15]” (also see: More due diligence RT @niubi: How 2 Really Investigate A Chinese Company. China Law Blog http://t.sinocism.com/lz3Hme [16]really gr8 post…; RT @chinahearsay: China Reverse Mergers. Good Luck With That. China Law Blog http://is.gd/SVXG4T [17])

Testing times
@larsonchristina Christina Larson Thx! RT @NiuB Big Test: Does China’s nerve-racking college-entrance exam realy identify China’s best http://t.co/t2xDfRS [18]by @larsonchristina (also see: @larsonchristina Revealing look at gaokao prep by @marketplacerob http://t.co/9eQWX8U [19]And aftermath: “Once I make it to University, then I can have rest …”; TheEIU_China The EIU China Over 9.3m students sit #China’s gaokao exam, but the number of high schoolers studying abroad rose 24% in 2008-11 http://bit.ly/kFTxWU [20])

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