Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From Iron Ore, Common Errors & IPR, To Adult Arbitration, Panda Huggers & Dragon Slayers)

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Chinese New Year may be approaching, but Chinese business news is still flowing. This week’s pick of the ChinaBlogTweets news includes some updates on long-running corporate stories we have been following (Rio Tinto and Hummer), some economic projections (and contentions), our constant favourite (risk and due diligence), as well as some good news on the direction of IPR enforcement. Be sure to read to the end for Gady Eepstein’s entertaining “Panda Hugger & Dragon Slayer” piece.

1. More on ore RT @ChinaRealTime: New post: Much Missed in Iron-Ore Talks: Last Year’s Bluster… 9:48 AM Feb 5th (added to which was a bit of Rio news: To build bridges, surely? RT @China_Daily: Rio appoints new China chief to mend fences 9:44 AM Feb 5th )

2. Who’s who of Finance: RT @shaunrein (via @raykwong @betsydrager @ellachou) The Economist… Who Matters in China’s Finance System 6:41 AM Feb 5th

3. Get it right: RT @weirdchina: Think You Know China? – 8 Things Foreigners Get Wrong (via @lonniehodge @raykwong) #china 2:13 PM Feb 4th

4. The Coming Collapse of China (Not): Interesting insight from @shaunrein RT @BullishChina: No, China Will Absolutely Not Collapse – Forbes 7:06 PM Feb 3rd

5. Risk: Diligence is always due! RT @BlawgTweets: New @DanHarris: Giving China Due Diligence Its Due. 2:33 PM Feb 3rd (also see our posts “CV = Check & Verify” & “Due Diligence = Sound Sleep“)

6. Economy: RT @darnoc: China grew faster than its target and most projections in 2009…key takeaways? World Bank economist 2:29 PM Feb 3rd

7. Arbitration: Bang on re location RT @BlawgTweets: New @DanHarris: Arbitration In Your China Contract. Adult Supervision Required 8:05 PM Feb 2nd

8. ODI & Hummer: Saga continues RT @China_Daily: Tengzhong agrees with GM to extend Hummer deadline 8:07 AM Feb 1st

9. IPR: Beijing court awards UK’s Strix damages after IP infringement by Chinese firms (FT) 7:45 AM Feb 1st (For on the story see: IP, updated RT @DanHarris: RT @hotchinastocks: No IP Enforcement In China. That Cannot Be True.

10. Conflicting views: RT @gadyepstein: Foreign biz angry w China? Changes ahead? Panda Hugger & Dragon Slayer slug it out (Forbes column) 7:10 AM Jan 30th

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