Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From Local Searches, Economic Estimates and More ODI to Falling FDI, Exports, Dams…and Buildings)

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Here are the brief news highlights from the last week.

1. Global Going Local: The search for localization RT @fonstuinstra: Battle of the Chinese Search Engines: The Bing Factor about 19 hours ago

Comment: This news is a reminder of both the need for localized strategies, and also the opportunity presented by a fast-changing market. Size and history can be a burden rather than a blessing.

2. Protectionism: Li Keqiang on trade – Forbes: China calls for efforts to fight protectionism 7:46 AM Jul 3rd

Comment: After the heat that came following the “buy China” policy, there has been a lot of backtracking by officials (also here: Another stimulating clarification – Xinhua: Commerce Minister says China won’t take trade protectionist actions 7:11 AM Jul 2nd).

What do you think the outcome will be? Take the poll on LinkedIn: Can foreign firms benefit from China’s stimulus spending?

3. FDI: May FDI -17.9%. Policies to come? – Bloomberg: China FDI Faces Unprecedented Difficulties on Crisis 7:36 AM Jul 3rd

Comment: The fall in FDI may not be a surprise to many, but it still gets a lot of focus from local governments. Private equity opportunities are still there, and there is interest to set up and address the domestic market. Policies to support FDI may follow.

4. IPOs: IPOs incoming. Will HSBC be 1st? – Reuters: Beijing to encourage foreign firms to list in China 7:07 AM Jul 2nd

Comment: Some companies, including HSBC, have long talked about the desire to list in China. It is not clear when this will happen. But it will be interesting when it does…

5. Economy: GDP – RT @chinanetwork: IMF Forecasts China GDP To Rise 7.5% In 2009 -Source – Wall Street Journal: 7:02 AM Jul 2nd

Comment: The estimates continue to come, but mostly fall short of the lucky 8% target (here is another: 7.2% growth in 2010? – Bloomberg- China’s Growth May Slip in 2010 on Stimulus Cap 1:18 PM Jun 29th).

There was also positive news on the Purchasing Managers’ Index (Some good news – MW: China’s PMI index rises for fourth month in June 8:31 AM Jul 1st).

The banks seem to have played an important part (Total lending could be >RMB1 trn for June – Caijing: Big Four Banks’ June Loans Hit 497 Bln Yuan 9:45 PM Jul 2nd).

6. Censorship: RT @fuzheado: Blog post: Green Dam postponed My omnibus analysis of the #greendam deliberative adhocracy 1:29 PM Jul 1st

Comment: We reported on Google and the Green Dam last week, but the post from @fuzheado provides a great summary of what has been going on…not to mention “deliberative adhocracy”!

7. Go West: Looking inland – WSJ: DHL Unit to Add 10 Transit Hubs in China 8:39 AM Jul 1st

Comment: We find the finger pointing inland more and more – last week it was Coke (T2 mixer: Coca-Cola to Expand in China Remote Areas 8:29 AM Jun 26th), now Pepsi too (US$1 bn Pepsi FDI Forbes: US-PepsiCo to build 5 plants in China 1:15 PM Jun 29th). The “rise of Central China” and the second-tier cities must not be ignored.

8. ODI: CDB’s LatAm ODI plan – Bloomberg: China Development Bank Plans to Open Branch in Brazil 8:37 AM Jul 1st

Comment: China continues to spread its wings – from Africa, to Australia, to Latin America. Not the first time CDB has gone in first.

Lots of ODI activity elsewhere at the moment too. In Iraq (BP & CNPC in Iraq – The Age: BP and Chinese oil firm win Iraq deals 8:34 AM Jul 1st)

And these Chinese companies can be tenacious…Chinalco is still hunting (Another go for Chinalco? – Forbes: Anglo American in talks over China deal-report 1:25 PM Jun 29th).

9. Seeing is Believing: Still can’t believe it…Good luck selling the rest! RT @chinanetwork: Building Collapsed… 8:25 PM Jun 30th from TweetDeck

Comment: As they say in Hefei, “seeing is believing”. There is an opportunity here for engineering support! Tragically one person was killed when the building fell down, but thankfully it was not yet occupied. Risk…

10. Statistics: Better data? WSJ – China Revises Statistics Law To Clamp Down On Tampering 1:27 PM Jun 29th

Comment: We have written lots about data quality. It is not clear whether new rules will fix a complex problem, but the direction must be the right one. In the meantime, keep questioning the figures, and get a second opinion.

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