Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From Made in China, PR & A Peaceful Rise, To Myth-Busting, Spending & Shifting Sands)

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Here is our review of last week’s top news from our Twitter feed, ChinaBlogTweets:

1. Made in China…: As suggested, not positive! RT @JoannaDodd: Consumers react to China’s attempt to rebrand “Made in China” 6:08 PM Dec 11th from HootSuite

Comment: Despite gaining plaudits at home, China’s ad campaign does not seem to have gone down well (Sound of 1 hand clapping? RT @China_Daily: ‘Made in China’ ad campaign wins applause It seems to ignore the fact that many people do care about shifting manufacturing jobs (and not about designers!). It also fails to communicate China’s added value. Better luck next time.

2. PRC PR RT @imagethief: New post: Imagethief digs into PR in China with Blue Ocean Network: 8:57 AM Dec 11th from HootSuite

Comment: PR is an often under-rated service in China. We have used it to great effect for our clients. Will Moss (aka imagethief) does an online interview for those who may need the service, and for those wanting a job in the industry. See more on PR in China here.

3. The economy RT @BullishChina: China’s 8% economic growth goal achievable: economist – Xinhua 2:32 PM Dec 6th from Echofon

Comment: Nobody is nervous about China reaching its 8% GDP growth target this year…but there are concerns over currency, debt, inflation and sustainability of growth.

4. Opportunity: EU-China Managers Exchange and Training Programme – Apply Now 9:18 AM Dec 10th from HootSuite

Comment: A great programme for EU managers to go to China. We have met a few who have come out the other end, and have nothing but good things to say about it. Apply, and see what 2010 might bring!

5. China Myths RT @KaiserKuo: Some straight-up China myth-busting from The New Yorker’s Evan Osnos (@eosnos). 7:18 AM Dec 10th from Echofon

Comment: An interesting look at some common assumptions: “China is such a mix of strength and weakness these days that it provides endless material for opportunistic arguments. Here are the top ten myths about China in 2009 and how they fared…”

6. Higher for Haier RT @JingDaily: Haier Ranks #1 in Global Major Appliances Brands Market Share 4:35 PM Dec 8th from Echofon

Comment: Chinese brands may be doing better than “Brand China” (see above), but there are very few doing well internationally. Haier is certainly one to watch. And there will be more to follow…See a related post here.

7. HSBC report on saving & spending RT @China_Daily: China’s wealth surge tops in Asia 9:05 AM Dec 8th from Echofon

Comment: Chinese consumers are the holy grail of many a company seeking growth in difficult times. And the rich are getting richer. We wrote more on Chinese consumer wealth here.

8. “Peaceful” rise? RT @AlexBowman: ‘Rise of China’ more popular news theme this decade than Iraq/’9/11′ (by 400%) 7:15 AM Dec 8th from Echofon

Comment: We knew China was a big story, but not that it was the biggest! And for the next decade too?

9. RT @TofflerAnn: Foreigners in China, if you’re not on Z or X visa, watch out. Crack downs on F visas. 2:35 PM Dec 6th from Echofon

Comment: When in China, better be legal!

10. Picture Perfect: Desertification in focus RT @gallagher_photo: My work on China’s Growing Sands on New York Times’ Lens Blog today 7:04 AM Dec 8th from Echofon; RT @breningstall: RT @cc_huang: RT @ChinaHush …gorgeous photos – family Portraits of all 56 ethnic groups in China 2:40 PM Dec 6th from Echofon

Comment: Sometimes it is best just to have a look. Sadly not all of us can make it to the distant corners of China (nor take great photos). Thankfully some can! Enjoy.

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