Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From Mistress, Stimulus & Other Problems, To Environmental Trillions, Power Players & Promises To Africa).

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Here is our pick of the China business news from last week, via our Twitter feed, ChinaBlogTweets.

1. Corruption in context RT @aimeenbarnes: “No Bars, No Mistresses, Chinese Officials Warned” AP 5:46 PM Nov 14th from Echofon

2. RMB remains RT @TweetChina: China Rejects View PBOC Shifted on Yuan, Morgan Stanley Says 7:50 AM Nov 14th

3. Stimulus RT @vshih2: My new blog post on China’s rising liabilities to finance the stimulus: 7:42 AM Nov 12th from Echofon

4. Power people RT @kaiserkuo: RT @gadyepstein: Hu Shuli ) Picks The 7 Most Powerful People In China (Forbes) (via @darnoc @raykwong) 6:46 AM Nov 12th from Echofon

5. Auto stimulus RT @billrusso: China car sales surge on stimulus steps 9:01 AM Nov 11th from Echofon

6. Legally speaking RT @DanHarris: RT @Net: Chinese Employment: Confidentiality Agreements And Noncompetes. (via @NiuB) 7:08 AM Nov 11th from Echofon

7. A valuable environment RT @newschina: China’s Environmental Protection Industry to Be Worth ¥2.8 trillion by 2012… 9:30 PM Nov 9th from Echofon

8. China to Africa: Loans, trade, energy, agriculture, health, education, S&T, culture… – China’s promises to Africa 8:27 AM Nov 9th

9. Last laugh comes too late RT @caijingonline: Danone Says Arbitration Win not to Affect Wahaha Settlement 8:08 AM Nov 9th

10. Auto tit for tat RT @caijingonline: China Starts Trade Probe on U.S. Auto Industry: 8:04 AM Nov 9th from Echofon

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