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Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From Overtaking Japan, WTO Cases & Risky Rice, To Drought, Groupon & Due Diligence)

Our weekly selection of China business news from our ChinaBlogTweets Twitter feed follows:

1. RT @UKTI_JGordon: The commodity factor RT @BeyondBrics: China trade: now for the bad news http://bit.ly/dZiGOD [1] (Also see: @FT Financial Times China trade surplus drops on strong imports: China’s trade surplus fell in January because of soaring import dem… http://bit.ly/fTvdIO [2])

2. Number 2 RT @BeyondBrics: It’s official: China has overtaken Japan http://bit.ly/gVTEd7 [3](Also see: Place your bets (seriously) RT @BeyondBrics: You bet: when will China top the US? http://bit.ly/eNoDMx [4])

3. Foreign M&A Regulation RT @eobserver RT @Reuters_Biz China to vet inward M&A deals for national security http://dlvr.it/GPwQF [5][& prev from] EO http://goo.gl/F6JWy [6]

4. WTO RT @chinahearsay: Latest China Hearsay: US Files Two New WTO Cases Against China. It’s the Politics, Stupid. http://bit.ly/h6kdt8 [7](Also see: @TheEIU_China The EIU China #US takes 2 more #China trade disputes to the WTO. Given the high trade deficit, it’s amazing more don’t get this far http://bit.ly/foUi8B [8])

5. Rice risk: “Food security” takes on new meaning RT @niubi: … http://bit.ly/gJTw2J [9]As much as 10% of China’s rice may be tainted by poisonous cadmium

6. Corruption: Railroaded RT @ChinaCSR: RT @ftchina: China’s railway chief dismissed http://bit.ly/i9cIta [10]corruption bribery China

7. ODI energy RT @BeyondBrics: PetroChina: stepping on the gas http://bit.ly/eZGDkJ [11](Also see: ODI, oh dear RT @joelbackaler: Panel Likely to Recommend Reversing Huawei Deal – WSJ.com http://lnkd.in/qxYtwY [12])

8. Drought RT @ChinaDailyUSA: Op-Ed: Severe drought is a wake-up call to policymakers http://bit.ly/gTXt0R [13] (Also see: More on the way… RT @gallagher_photo: Drought and desertification in #China http://bit.ly/goQj2m [14]; Food for thought RT @chinahearsay: NYT: U.N. Food Agency Issues Warning on China Drought http://goo.gl/bGnE5 [15])

9. Groupon’s Own Goal @lonniehodge Lonnie B Hodge Groupon\’s 2-For-1 Super Bowl Special: Offend Both China And Tibet Activists http://t.co/dH6KAt0 [16] via @forbes) (Also see: Groupon 0, Facebook 1 (in the .cn the domain game) RT @fonstuinstra: No Bargains in China for Groupon.com? …Reuters http://ht.ly/3RHTs [17]; Nobody is buying this one…but it is a big deal!; RT @BeyondBrics: Groupon Super Bowl advert under fire http://bit.ly/g2MIG9 [18] – and in the latest development…Groupon, off, on, off… RT @RenMedia: Gaopeng.com Closed Down by Tencent, the Future of Groupon China Is Uncertain http://bit.ly/f1aLCA [19]

10. Due diligence again – Do it, or be done! RT @fonstuinstra: Seven Rules Of China Due Diligence. China Law Blog… http://ht.ly/3StgM [20] (Also see: Due diligence required RT @ChinaBriefing: Analyzing Chinese Financial Reporting http://goo.gl/fb/oWhKH [21])

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