Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From Propaganda, Targets & Migrants, To LinkedIn, Best Buy & Alibaba)

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Please read on for our review of last week’s news from our ChinaBlogTweetsTwitter feed:

1. A different China map RT @TheEconomist: Which countries match the GDP, population and exports of China’s provinces?

2. Sustainable 7 RT @damianholmes: China eyes 7% annual growth from 2011 to 2015 –

3. Propaganda: RT @ftchina: China launches propaganda campaign ( Also see: RT @jaeahjlee: A one-stop explainer on what’s going down in China, updated:

4. LinkedIn & GFW RT @gadyepstein: Post: LinkedIn Blocked In China, Then Unblocked: Does It Face The Same Fate As Facebook And Twitter?

5. ODI RT @prchovanec: shares some research insights into China’s growing investment reach abroad (Also see: Reactions to China’s “Dry Canal” Across Colombia: Recent reports of a proposed Chinese-built railway across Colo…

6. Huawei update RT @ChinaRealTime: …Read Huawei’s open letter to the U.S. after its failed purchase of 3Leaf

7. SOE listings RT @chinahearsay: China Daily | All central SOEs will be listed in future domestic, offshore, dual? (Also see: SOE dividends RT @SCMP_News: Chinese state firms to hand over more profits to Beijing – to help fund welfare schemes

8. Best Buy some advice… RT @BeyondBrics: Selling to China: be unique or don’t bother (Also see: Best go home… RT @niubi: Shanghai Scrap » Bye-Bye, Best Buy (China): You had it coming. $bby)

9. Alibaba: Story of the day RT @gadyepstein …the problems found RT @niubi statement on fraud and removal of CEO &… Gady Epstein (Also see: CEO & COO forced out: Internal investigation found didn’t attack fraud among own employees strongly enough; Alibaba update RT @ChinaCSR Jack Ma on Personal #responsibility “If not now?when?! If not me who?!”

10. Migrant workers: @eobserver Economic Observer Headlines: Beijing Times – New Generation of Migrant Workers Earn an Average of 1,747 Yuan a Month (Also see: Caixin Media Online @Caixin: Millions of migrant workers fail to return to work after Spring Festival, causing massive labor shortage

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