Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From Protectionists, Paper & Pipes, To Hackers, Lawyers & NDAs)

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Another week flies by – with the help of a post Chinese New Year surge – and it is already the end of February! So without further delay, here is our ChinaBlogTweets roundup of China business news from last week.

1. Going Global joelbackaler Whose your favorite of FastCompany 10 most innovative Chinese companies @sagebrennan favs Eno, I’m partial to Alibaba 8:11 AM Feb 21st

Comment: We have been reading (and writing) about China climbing the value chain, Chinese companies doing more R&D, China doing more to protect IP etc., for a long time. Now we are seeing more innovative Chinese companies (another of our favourites is Broad Air Conditioning, from Changsha). More to come.

2. Consumers: A sharp, double-edged sword! RT @elliottng: Chinese consumers: brand-sensitive price-sensitive and fickle… #berkeleyabc2010 7:27 PM Feb 20th

Comment: Many global companies are seeking the holy grail of “the Chinese consumer”. Of course there are fantastic opportunities, but it is a bit more complicated than is often expected – across regions, segments and demographics. Would love to have been at Berkeley to join in the debate.

3. ODI RT @modernleifeng …interesting when things work the opposite way and a Chinese company opens…in the US 10:22 AM Feb 20th

Comment: Chinese companies are not only becoming more innovative, they are also looking further afield. Interestingly they make a lot of the same mistakes western firms made (and still do) when going into China. But they are quick learners, and can be very competitive (but also, in some cases, cooperative).

4. Protectionism: RT @China_Daily: EU launches anti-dumping probe into Chinese coated fine paper 10:16 AM Feb 20th

Comment: China, the US and the EU are all involved in trade disputes (and the odd protectionist thought). One suspects political as well as economic drivers. But let’s hope it does not run off the rails and end in another nasty crash…Read our protectionist post here.

5. Economic data: RT @ChinaPrime: National Bureau of Statistics of China issued main statistical data in 2009: GDP, Income…Residents… 7:36 PM Feb 19th

6. Google: RT @danwei: Google hacks traced to two Chinese schools: NYT reports that computers at Shanghai Jiaotong Univers… 9:15 AM Feb 19th

Comment: Google’s sorry China saga continues, and the plot continues to thicken with the trail of the hackers getting hot. Data security / strategy review, anyone?

7. Economy: RT @vshih2: RT Strong Michael Pettis take on the Chinese economy since the crash (Carnegie Endowment): (via @hofrench) 7:16 AM Feb 18th

8. Contracts: Worth paying for (both)! RT @chinahearsay: New blog entry: China NDAs and Client Counseling 12:59 PM Feb 17th & RT @raykwong: Reading: “China Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA). A Really Good Thing.” (by @DanHarris) 8:08 AM Feb 17th

Comment: Dan Harris of China Law Blog has highlighted the importance of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), and the importance of making them relevant and enforceable in China. We will write more on this later.

9. More law, but… RT @leonacraig: like this headline: #China law profession advances as China builds rule of law 9:03 AM Feb 16th

Comment: There is no doubt that China has a lot of laws, law firms and lawyers, but how about advances in the rule of law (versus the rule of the people interpreting it). The statistics tell one side of the story, the other side is still catching up and, like most things in China it is not a black-and-white situation. See the stats in our post, here.

10. China (Not Yet) The Biggest: Until China re-states..? RT @China_Daily: Japan still No 2 economy with GDP jump 7:20 AM Feb 15th

Comment: So much China overtaking Japan as the world’s second largest economy…a late Japanese surge kept them just ahead. But not for long. More news on this will likely come very soon, and China will be number two. It is only a matter of time, as is suggested by the latest growth estimates for 2010 (@CDT China’s Growth May Top 11% Even as Officials Rein in Lending: From Bloomberg: China’s economy, the world’s third … 5:05 AM Feb 15th).

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