Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From Protective Economic Stimulus to Protective Online Controls, IPOs, Investments, Chinese Brands and More).

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This week we are using a new format for our updates, with brief updates from our twitter feed, and expanded, individual, posts…let us know what you think.

Please find below the highlights from the past week on our Twitter feed, ChinaBlogTweets. For more commentary, please see the expanded, individual posts on the blog.

1. Google Gets Turned Off: Raises searching questions – WSJ: China Orders Google to Suspend Some Search Services 2:15 PM Jun 19th from TweetDeck

2. ODI: It’s busy at CIC these days RT @caijingonline: CIC to Invest US$ 6 Bln with Fund Managers… 10:09 AM Jun 19th from TweetDeck

3. Rio / Chinalco: China stimulation a cause of deal frustration RT @caijingonline: Rio Tinto\’s Chief Disappointed… 8:02 AM Jun 19th from TweetDeck

4. Tier 2 Cities: T2 cities are ticking more boxes. Taipei too. RT @eChinacities: Most Livable Cities: Tianjin is 72nd; 1st in Mainland 7:43 AM Jun 19th from TweetDeck

5. Protectionism: “Buy China” is “fair and competitive”!? RT @China_Daily: China denies protectionism allegations 4:05 PM Jun 18th from TweetDeck

6. Listings: IPO ho! RT @caijingonline: Three Companies Set To Win Final IPO Approvals 11:32 AM Jun 18th from TweetDeck

7. Branded in China: Brands going global? RT @AdAgeChina: Reading “Chinese Brands Are Coming” 10:48 AM Jun 17th from TweetDeck

8. Legal: Rule of law or rule of man? RT @caijingonline: Judiciary’s ‘Instruction’ System On Trial… 9:01 AM Jun 17th from TweetDeck

9. FDI: Jan to May FDI US$34.05 bn – RT @sinostream: Used FDI down 20.4% in first 5 months 8:38 AM Jun 15th from TweetDeck

10. Stimulating Poll: Please take the LinkedIn poll: Can foreign firms benefit from China’s stimulus spending? 7:32 AM Jun 18th from TweetDeck

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