Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From Rapid Urbanisation, Rich Consumers & The 2nd Tier, To Woes for Water, Barbie Dolls & Google…& More)

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1. Consumers: RT @MasterCardNews: MC A/P Economist: Rapid urbanization in China boosts consumption-led growth 4:53 AM Jan 28th from Echofon

2. A question of appreciation: CNY 4 RMB?? RT @TheLexColumn: When it comes to the renminbi…what would you do? 2:14 PM Jan 27th from Echofon [Others have their own suggestions…RT @UKTI_JGordon: 5%?…RT @BullishChina: China May Consider One-Off Yuan Gain, Goldman’s O’Neill Says – BusinessWeek 8:50 PM Jan 23rd]

3. Environment: Diverting issue for CN! RT @TheEconomist: Water is the biggest word in global commons tag cloud, then oceans, human rights, space, air #WEF 2:04 PM Jan 27th from Echofon

4. Data review: Stats RT @ChinaPrime: China Commissioner: National Economy: Recovery and Posing in the Good Direction in 2009… 8:23 PM Jan 26th from Echofon [Also worthy of note is the change to GDP stats: 1 country, 1 system! RT @China_Daily: China to unify GDP calculation]

5. Risk: Quality is there, if you care RT @DanHarris: RT @westlawchina: China quality. It’s getting better all the time. 6:05 PM Jan 25th from Echofon

6. 2nd Tier Cities: For starters! RT @christinelu: “China saves the day for luxury” — Heard of Tianjin, Wuhan, Chongqing, Chengdu? … 6:01 PM Jan 25th from Echofon

7. Google Again: RT @gadyepstein: RT @GarySoup: GREAT analysis of Google’s failure in China …@triciawang HT @fuzheado et al 5:57 PM Jan 25th from Echofon

8. Strategy: Delivery is in the (local) detail RT @raykwong: Barbie does China. China not impressed. (Forbes, by @shaunrein) 8:22 PM Jan 24th

9. Economic overheating?: Pressures mounting RT @TheEconomist: New article: Is China’s economy growing too fast? #economist #china 7:52 PM Jan 23rd from Echofon

10. Expo: Aiming for 70m! RT @live_china: World Expo Sells 20 Million Tickets 10:01 AM Jan 23rd from Echofon

And a late update from the week before. Apologies for the delay. Business has been busy…

1. GDP RT @shanghaidaily: China’s economy grew 10.7% in Q4 of 2009 from a year earlier.GDP grew 8.7%… 4:52 AM Jan 22nd from Echofon

2. Google: Committed? RT @chinaeconreview: CEO: Google “committed” to being in China, will change censorship policy 4:49 AM Jan 22nd from Echofon

3. ODI, early days RT @christinelu: “China Inc’s global growing pains” [Reuters] – China going global, not so easy… 4:47 AM Jan 22nd

4. Employment contracts +: RT @DanHarris: RT @BlawgTweets: Employee Non-Compete Agreements In China. It’s Complicated. 1:22 AM Jan 22nd from Echofon

5. Economy: RT @BullishChina: China to knock off Japan as world’s second largest economy – Vancouver Sun 1:16 AM Jan 22nd from Echofon

6. Managing supplier risk: All change (post payment). From CLB: Another Day, Another Interesting Conversation With A China Factory… 10:56 PM Jan 18th from

7. Relationships… RT @AndrewShanghai: Google & China – I love you, You’re Perfect, Now Change… 2:21 PM Jan 18th

8. Charity & CSR: @tomstader The Library Project’s Results: 225 libraries, +150,000 books donated, +50,000 kids have access, in 3 years. 6:16 AM Jan 16th from Tweetie

9. FX: RT @TweetChina: China’s foreign reserves increase sharply 1:50 AM Jan 17th from Echofon

10. Adversarial symbiosis? RT @darnoc: James Kynge in FT: China & the West, Full Circle 9:24 AM Jan 16th from Echofon

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