Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From Reserve RMB, Inflation & Fines, To Drought, Dialogue & Government Transition)

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Below is our pick of the last week’s China business news from our ChinaBlogTweets Twitter stream:

RMB Reserve:
RMB, 2016? RT @beyondbrics: China’s renminbi: the next reserve currency (see also: RMB RT @NiuB: HSBC Says Yuan to be Among Top Three Int’l Currencies Caixin; RT @ftchina: China trade surplus surges to $11.4bn

RT @ChinaRealTime: Economists react to new China inflation numbers; (see also: RT @ftasiapacific: China inflation slips slightly to 5.3%; RT @beyondbrics: [snap] China hikes RRR… again

Fines & Prices:
RT @NiuB: China Fines Unilever For Mentioning Price Increase. What That Means For YOU. China Law Blog (See also: Prices again RT @ChinaDailyUSA: Proctor & Gamble may raise prices in #China as ‘last option’ due to inflation; @TheEIU_China China’s government won’t let prices rise, so CocaColaPepsi #Mengniu etc cut drink sizes instead to save costs

RT @CDT: Drought…The Yangtze River, which carries 80% of China’s river shipping, has been closed …

US-China Dialogue:
RT @ChinaDailyUSA: #China, US agree to expand economic cooperation (see also: RT @shaunrein: by @joCNN on what Strategic & Econ Dialogue will discuss

Government transition:
@goldkorn Jeremy Goldkorn 金玉米 Good explanation of workings of Chinese govt. “Primer on China’s Leadership Transition” by Patrick Chovanec

ODI on the up:
RT @chinahearsay: ODI set to overtake FDI ‘within three years’ (see also: ODI – resources, tech, markets: Three motives behind China’s cross-border M&As China Daily)

Huawei charm offensive:
RT @chinahearsay: Huawei Plans First U.S. Ad Campaign, 500 New Hires (see also: Huawei: Everything Everywhere RT @21cbhchinanews: Huawei Pushes Deeper into UK Telecoms Market

Alibaba, fraud & governance:
RT @AlibabaTalk_UK: We unveiled a new anti-fraud plan. You can find out more on our Alizila blog: (see also: niubi Bill Alibaba Transferred Alipay Ownership Without Approval – Bloomberg welcome 2 china $yhoo. jerry yang paying attention?)

Facebook’s China challenges:
RT @wolfgroupasia: Seven Reasons Facebook Should Stay Home (see also: @niubi Bweek-”Zuckerberg believes Facebook can be agent of change in China as it has been in countries such as Egypt & Tunisia“ bye bye China $bidu)

More of others’ updates from China can be found here:

Enovate on Weibo: @enovate This week’s Weibo Roundup is out! Watch Blackie’s and Fan Fan’s wedding, read up on the Midi festival and more…

Sinica Podcast: Ren Ren etc RT @popupchinese: Sinica – Crazed Madmen, Foreign and Domestic:

And finally…one for fun: Cat & Mouse Horror RT @ChinaRealTime: Hello Kitty to square off with Mickey Mouse in Shanghai theme park smack-down

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