Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From Rich Lists, Consumers and Hopeful Brands To Recalls, Restructurings, and Arrests)

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Here is our latest round-up of news from our ChinaBlogTweets Twitter feed.

1. Protectionism: WTO update RT @chinanetwork: China revises auto parts tariff rules after losing appeal to WTO

Comment: Not so much news on protectionist issues lately, but it is still an issue to watch. Also see – Rare protectionism RT @pdenlinger: China weighs ban on rare metal exports:

2. Wealth: RT @aimeenbarnes: RT @raykwong Reading: “China’s nouveau riche: Q&A w/producer of China’s Rich List.”

Comment: We will write more about wealth in another post to follow. See also our previous post “Poor, Wealthy & Rich in China“.

3. Localising: RT @ChinaPrime: Alibaba Group to Restructure Yahoo China as Yahoo China’s Internet search market share slides…

Comment: Alibaba knows a trick or two, but even they will have to take care on staff retention. See our coverage of Alibaba in “Google Could Use Some of Ma’s Alibaba Magic

4. Crime & Punishment: RT @caijingonline: Highway Tycoon Receives Eight Years’ Imprisonment: Full article in Chinese:

Comment: Lots of recent arrests may signal a crackdown – covering officials and business people. We will cover the latest cases in more detail later.

5. ODI & IPR: Hmm, er, auto IPR RT @GE_Anderson Outline of Tengzhong’s Hummer deal: Tengzhong gets IPR, but GM continues to make

Comment: The Hummer deal has met some obsticles in China, and not all in government are keen. But again, IP acquisition is a key element. It will be interesting to see how far this goes.

6. Costs: RT @raykwong: Chinese Salaries Rank High in Asian Managerial Comparison.

Comment: China is no longer (and has not been for a while) the low cost base it once was. Salaries and costs are still rising, with competition for good people.

7. Real Estate: Another #1 RT @blcsfo: RT @China_Daily China’s property sales top US, UK

Comment: It is not hard to top US and UK property markets at present (!), but China’s property scene is growing (when not falling down…). Also see – Shanghai real estate roller coaster RT @China_Daily: Boom and gloom

8. Trade: RT @ChinaBizWatch China edges ahead of Germany on exports…a slight Chinese lead in the first six months [FT]

Comment: China comes top in yet another category…

9. Recall: Recall for Toyota And a reminder of past recall

Comment: Toyota is only the latest to deal with this problem. We have covered it a few times already. Are firms now being better prepared?

10. Corruption: Supreme corruption RT @sinostream: Ex-China supreme court vice head on graft charges #fb

Comment: This time it goes all the way to the top. More on this later.

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