Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From RMB Manipulation, Protectionism & Princelings, To ODI, FCPA & Autos)

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Our picks from last weeks China business news (as reported on our ChinaBlogTweets Twitter feed), along with some comments, are below for your reference.

Along with the news (finally) of Geely’s successful purchase of Volvo, it is worth noting that the US review of China as a currency manipulator has been postponed from April 15, taking some of the heat out of protectionism & trade war threats (for the moment). Some expanded posts are overdue, but will follow…

1. RT @aimeenbarnes: …recommended reading on Geely’s Volvo purchase by China auto industry specialist @GE_Anderson 7:21 AM Mar 30th

Comment: This is a major development in China’s overseas direct investment plan, and it will be interesting to see how they succeed with developing the brand at home, and internationally.

2. FCPA & PRC RT @chinahearsay Excellent case write up of Daimler corruption case (inc. PRC) by Fulbright & Jaworski 7:17 AM Apr 3rd

Comment: We have commented on FCPA impact before, and this case serves as a reminder to companies that bribery is a) illegal in China (see the Rio Tinto case for another harsh reminder) and b) illegal from a US perspective just about anywhere (with government officials).

3. RMB. Confirmation of Friday’s report. RT @vfchina: U.S. delays decision on China yuan manipulation | Reuters 9:34 PM Apr 3rd

Comment: Much has been written about the valuation of the RMB, and the positive and negative aspects of its appreciation. The US decision has been delayed, and it seems that gradual appreciation may come before long. Hopefully damaging escalation has been avoided…

4. RT @jamesLmcgregor: Sober look at Chinese economy from Nick Lardy. 9:47 AM Apr 2nd

Comment: Lardy looks at the impact of China’s stimulus spending, and suggests that the risk of a bubble may be…overblown.

5. RT @vshih2: RT @shanghaidaily: Millionaires on Chinese mainland rose 6.1% to 875,000 last year, Hurun… (via @limlouisa) 7:53 PM Apr 2nd

Comment: China is getting richer, but not at the same pace everywhere. The wealth gap is growing, and this is an issue that will get a lot of attention.

6. PR perspectives RT @imagethief: New post: A handy cheat sheet for interpreting the Google China story: 10:20 AM Mar 30th

Comment: A great analysis. More on the Google story is here.

7. VIP/E RT @FTAsiaNews: fantastic #FT story about Chinese “princelings” – children of the elite – and their influence… 4:47 PM Mar 31st

Comment: The Chinese mix of Private Equity opportunities and well-positioned Princelings make for a strong cocktail.

8. RT @ChinaLawAlerts: …increasing protectionism in China? Jones Day’s…National Security Review of Foreign Investments 8:25 PM Mar 29th

Comment: The impact remains to be seen, but the trend to re-evaluate and control FDI more tightly continues.

9. Digging deep RT @goldkorn: RT @isaac: Rio Tinto hires Henry Kissinger as China advisor 力拓聘请基辛格担任中国顾问 3:52 PM Mar 31st

Comment: Not all “Old China Hands” have left the building…And a good public affairs strategy is as important as ever.

10. RT @raykwong: China’s drought. (TIME photo essay) h/t @GreenerChina 9:19 AM Apr 2nd

Comment: As we have previously noted, China has some serious environmental issues, as well as a water shortage. This is just the latest in a long line of news.

(Updated 6/4/10)

Sad not to see anything here on Rio Tinto? If so, please refer to our earlier post, now updated with the latest news.

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