Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From Smog, a Smattering of iPhone Sales, Electric Wealth & Broken Rules, to China in Africa & FDI in R&D)

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Another week, another top ten China news tweets…Please see our latest selection from the twittershpere (and our own ChinaBlogTweets) below.

1. Read on RT @darnoc: Lots of info to peruse: Forum on China Africa Cooperation website – #FOCAC – meeting in Sharm… 1:40 PM Nov 7th

2. RT @SirSteven: reading: Huge smog bank covers much of China today, ( w/ NASA satellite photo. 6:55 AM Nov 7th. [& people are watching and reporting…Interactive environment RT @ChinaRealTime: Blogger maps China’s pollution 9:41 AM Nov 3rd

3. Interesting accusation & timing RT @ftchina: China brands US trade policy “protectionist” 7:26 PM Nov 6th

4. Electrifying wealth! RT @klustout: Wang Chuanfu of BYD RT @FromCarl: Meet the richest person in China… 12:50 PM Nov 5th

5. FDI RT @ChinesePharma: UPDATE 1-Novartis invests $1 bln in China R&D plant – Reuters #china #pharma 9:51 AM Nov 3rd […FDI in R&D ticks the right boxes for China. Old fashioned manufacturing, less so.9:53 AM Nov 3rd; Follows R&D FDI RT @ChinaHealthCare: Novartis Joins Global Interest in Vaccines…China Investments 9:50 AM Nov 5th]

6. Rule of law vs rule of rules RT @DanHarris: RT @raykwong Reading “China And Its Many Rules” 9:17 AM Nov 3rd

7. Slow for iPhone – Reuters: China Unicom says has signed up 1m 3G users [but only 5k iPhones] 9:13 AM Nov 3rd

8. Internal audit anyone? RT @caijingonline: Unilever Faces Shanghai Customs Fraud Trial: 8:01 AM Nov 3rd

9. GDP RT @CSDTrippon: China’s economic growth to exceed 10% in Q4: 7:51 AM Nov 3rd

10. Mining the depths RT @raykwong: Reading @gadyepstein’s piece on ‘The Price Of Corruption’ in China. Forbes 9:15 PM Oct 31st

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