Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From Stimulus, Wind & West China, To FDI, Exports & Probes…)

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After 2 Very Busy weeks, we are catching up with the news. Lots of interesting things going on, and below is our pick from last week.

1. RT @chinastakes: RMB 4 Trillion Stimulus vs RMB 5 Trillion Debts: Looming Local Government Credit Risk Explosion 8:42 AM Oct 17th

2. Can China tech win? RT @AdeMoubray: China Wants China-Grown Wind Turbines, for Itself and Europe 2:51 AM Oct 17th

3. RT @CRIbrk: …full financial service coverage to all townships in 3 years (Xinhua) 2:26 AM Oct 17th

4. West China Fair RT @CSDTrippon: China’s western regions get approximately 300 bln yuan of investment 12:02 AM Oct 17th from Echofon

5. Supply & demands… RT @China_Daily: Iron ore talks get off to a bad start 11:56 PM Oct 16th

6. Powering up RT @caijingonline: China Sept. Power Use Records Fastest Growth in 15 Months 10:35 AM Oct 16th

7. RT @fonstuinstra: Volkswagen AG to invest 4 billion euros in China 10:43 AM Oct 15th & some more…FDI RT @chinaherald: Samsung Electronics plans $2.2B LCD plant in China – Forbes 10:34 AM Oct 16th

8. 88 probes RT @caijingonline: Commerce Ministry Comments on China Trade Probes: 1:47 PM Oct 14th

9. All about resource security RT @ftchina: China and Kenya in key infrastructure talks 1:02 PM Oct 14th

10. -15.2% = less worse RT @ftchina: Decline in Chinese trade slows sharply 11:50 PM Oct 13th

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