Briefly…Top Ten Tweets (From Taxes, Monopolies & Loans, To Bribes, Recalls & Yuppies)

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Fresh from our ChinaBlogTweets Twitter feed, here is our roundup of last week’s China business news.

1. Chongqing: RT @China_Daily: Chongqing to become China’s first inland tariff-free zone 7:43 AM Mar 7th

2. Monopolies & M&A RT @chinahearsay: Latest China Hearsay post re: Anti-monopoly Law and State sector. 6:41 AM Mar 7th (Also note: M&A RT @chinahearsay: Diageo on Shuijingfang bid: “It’s not like Coke-Huiyuan!” Keep an eye on this one. 9:13 AM Mar 6th). See more on this in our post here.

3. Rio Tinto: The 2 are steel co execs RT @NCUSCR: Two face charges in Rio Tinto China case (Australian) china news riotinto 7:22 PM Mar 5th

4. Bank lending: RT @niubi: China’s Hidden Debt Risks 2012 Crisis, Northwestern’s Shih Says @vshih2 – Bloomberg 7:18 AM Mar 3rd (Also see: RMB7.5 trn RT @China_Daily: RMB loans to rise by $1.1 trillion in 2010: Gov’t report 7:31 AM Mar 5th )

5. GDP: 11% for 8% RT @TweetChina: China eyes 11 percent industrial output growth this year 7:29 AM Mar 5th (Also see: Qualit8… RT @MalcolmMoore: Surprise! RT @ShanghaiTWTR: China sets 2010…growth rate at 8%, stressing quality of growth 6:49 AM Mar 5th )

6. Tax & risk: More on tax RT @ChinaLawAlerts: Nixon Peabody: “PRC Tax Authorities Intend to Scrutinize Foreign Holding Co Structures” 2:41 PM Mar 4th (Also see: Taxing RT @DanHarris: RT @Chinalyst: Chill Out Tax Man. The China WFOE Is In The Hopper. 6:37 AM Mar 3rd )

7. WTO: In case you were wondering..! RT @China_Daily: China strictly follows WTO rules in foreign trade: spokesman 7:25 AM Mar 4th (See more on Google & WTO in our post here).

8. Consumer activism: Fair play RT @imagethief: RT @DanHarris: RT @ToyotaBzz: Toyota And China. It’s A Small World After All. 7:19 AM March 5 (Also see: Oh dear! RT @China_Daily: Toyota offers compensation in US, not China 7:27 AM Mar 3rd

9. RMB: RT @chinastakes: Yuan Appreciation Is Necessary, and Best in April: The topic of RMB exchange rate appreciation… 6:45 AM Mar 3rd (See more here: RMB RT @WSJAsiaBiz: End to Special Yuan Policy Flagged 9:24 AM Mar 6th )

10. Consumer trends & Yuppies RT @sagebrennan: Interesting. RT @mark_e_evans: enovate Launches 2010 China Emerging Consumer Trends Rpt v @JohnWrede 7:42 AM Mar 2nd (Also see: RT @danwei: What is the definition of a Chinese ‘yuppie’?: At CNReviews, Elliott Ng…about the term Xiao Zi (小资)… 7:11 AM Mar 4th)

More posts on some of these topics will follow, so stay tuned!

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